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Wadi Rum Nomads - desert memories for life

view on wadi rum while on tour with wadi rum nomads around sunset time

Explore. Discover. Enjoy.

Explore. Discover. Enjoy.

Important information

Covid-19 measures in Jordan

Jordanian government

The airports of Jordan are open again, and travelers are welcome to visit our beautiful country. Since the COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet, safety protocols are in place. On the special Visit Jordan website, you find the list of green, yellow, and red countries, the pre-departure application, airport protocols, and health protection measures in Jordan.



Wadi Rum Nomads

We are open and excited to welcome you (back) to Wadi Rum. The desert is even more stunning than before!

Our office is open for inquiries and bookings. And we run our tours and overnight stays within the limitation and based on the government’s recommendations. 

Your health and safety are essential to us. Therefore we implemented the following rules for our personnel and guests (based on general rules and government measures)

  • Stay home if you feel unwell (if you are sick, you can cancel for free)
  • Maintain a safe distance from each other (sorry, no shaking hands)
  • Clean your hands often
  • Use the provided sanitizers before entering the office, communal tent and outside sitting area
  • Wearing a face mask is not mandatory as you are outdoors most of the time
  • Buffet meals will be served by our personnel when we have multiple groups together
  • We have a strict cleaning regime in the office and camp
  • Used sleeping tents will be vacant for at least 24 hours

Note: It can be that the rules get more or less strict due to a change in risk level.

If you need to cancel your booking for reasons related to COVID-19, you can cancel for free at any time.

We offer tours and overnight stays in our camp and 'cave'

Wadi Rum offers you one of the world’s most spectacular desert landscapes. We run several tours to show you the breathtaking scenery and let you experience Bedouin life. Are you ready for an adventure? Check out the tour plans to see which one fits you best!

A Wadi Rum experience is not complete without an overnight stay. If you prefer an overnight stay with comfort and a Bedouin vibe, our camp, Wadi Rum Base Camp is the place to stay. Please read all about our Bedouin home away from home on the Wadi Rum Base Camp webpage.

What is more special than sleeping under billions of stars at a scenic place somewhere far out in the desert on a warm summer day? Sleeping in our ‘cave’ is a real adventure and ‘back to basics’. On our page about bivouac camping, you can read more about sleeping in our ‘cave’.

About Wadi Rum Nomads

Wadi Rum Nomads is a tour company based in Rum village. We have a dedicated team of passionate, mostly local Bedouin people from the Zalabieh tribe ready to provide you with a memorable stay in Wadi Rum. After all, we want you to create desert memories for life!

Please check out our about Wadi Rum Nomads page to read more about our company, our team, and you can expect when joining us.

wadi rum nomads - fawaz mohammad sitting on the ridge of the wadi sabet viewpoint

Do you want to create desert memories for life?

You are only one step away. Fill out our booking form and join us!

What our guests say about Wadi Rum Nomads

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TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Award

We are proud that we earned the Tripadvisor Travelers’s Choice Award (before the Certificate of Excellence) for five years in a row!

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