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Wadi Rum tours

Wadi Rum offers one of the world's most spectacular desert landscapes. We run several jeep and hiking tours to show you the breathtaking scenery and let you experience Bedouin life. Go through the tour plans to see which one fits you best!

Wadi Rum Base Camp

Sleeping in the desert completes a Wadi Rum experience. If you prefer comfort with a Bedouin 'vibe', our charming, cozy, and comfortable camp is the perfect place to stay. Learn more about your Bedouin home away from home.

Sleeping under the stars

Sleeping outdoors in the middle of nowhere under the billions of stars. What is more memorable than that? Sleeping in our 'cave' means 'back to basics', and in return, you get a true adventure. See if bivouac camping fits your wishes.

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balanced tours & comfy sleeps
quality and service are key
your experience is essential
all-inclusive prices
family-run company
Bedouin from Wadi Rum
we love & care for our desert

About Wadi Rum Nomads

Wadi Rum Nomads is a family-run company based in Rum village (in the middle of the Wadi Rum desert protected area). Our dedicated team of passionate, mostly local Bedouin people from the Zalabieh tribe is ready to provide you with an exceptional time in Wadi Rum. After all, we want you to make desert memories for life!

Recent posts on our Wadi Rum Nomads Blog

starry night sky during the perseid meteor shower
Wadi Rum events

Enjoy the Perseid meteor shower in Wadi Rum

After reading this blog, you will know what the Perseid meteor shower is and why you should come to Wadi Rum to see this spectacular phenomenon. Wadi  Rum is one of those places on our planet

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We are proud to be rewarded with the Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Award for the seventh year in a row!
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What our guests say about Wadi Rum Nomads

We had booked the Wadi Rum desert Jabal Al-Hash tour and had the most amazing Wadi Rum experience ever! I live in Jordan and have been to Wadi Rum a couple of times but this was by far the best visit. The Nomads team really take the time at the sites without rushing it, and give a good explanation at each site. They also cook a fresh and delicious lunch in the desert. You will also visit the less “touristy” parts of wadi rum. I would recommend to book for one of the nights to stay in the cave, it was truly amazing to sleep under the stars!
Assanke, Dutch
Reviewed on Tripadvisor, August 2022
It is an absolutely amazing and unbelievable experience to explore the desert Wadi Rum, and it was our best decision to choose the Wadi Rum Nomads, therefore. The people here are very friendly, helpful, and open-minded, the Base Camp is beautiful, and everything is really good organized! They have great Guides, very good, local food and the Tours you can book are really amazing! We stayed with the Wadi Rum Nomads for 3 nights and would do it again! Or longer ...! :)) Best wishes to the Team, and we hope we will see each other again soon !!!
Michelle, German
Reviewed on Google, July 2022
Constant super quality tour. Since 2017 Bianca, Fawaz and their colleagues organized 10 times a tour for me and my friends. I kept coming back, as the Nomad tours are very well organized with professional tour guides, who really like what they are doing and know their way around. Each tour with Nomads gave fantastic experiences with the desert in a way that it never became boring. Also visit nr 10 was a special event and I am looking forward for a next visit in the future.
Johan, Dutch
Reviewed on Tripadvisor, August 2021

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We are proud that so many people from all over the world choose our company to explore Wadi Rum, experience Bedouin life, and become part of our ever-growing group of friends.​