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3 most popular rock bridges of Wadi Rum desert

um fruth one of the most popular rock bridges in wadi rumm
Wadi Rum desert is dotted with towering high cliffs and stunningly shaped mountain. One of the spectacular natural phenomenon we have here is rock bridges. As we have one of the highest rock bridges of the world right here in Wadi Rum desert, it is about time to write a blog about the three most fantastic rock bridges.

#1 Little bridge

This lovely bridge in Khor al Ajram is named after its sizes. With its approximately 4 meter span, it is one of the smaller rock bridges. Standing on its base, you can easily touch the bridge. It is a great place to take some pictures. Reaching the top of this rock bridge is a piece of cake. And the reward is fantastic. Gorgeous views over the red sand valley. Among others, you can see well-known mountains like Jabal Rum, Jabal Um Ishrin, and Jabal Khazali.

#2 Um Fruth rock bridge

The Um Fruth rock bridge is one of the most photographed places in Wadi Rum. The bridge is about 15 meters up from the desert floor. With directions and maybe some assistance from your tour guide, the steep climb is easy. Still, for people with some degree of vertigo or minor limitations, the scramble can be quite a challenge. The narrow bridge can be challenging too. But the beautiful views over the yellow mountains of Um Fruth make up for this big time. And if you decide not to climb the bridge, it is still well worth to visit it.

#3 Burdah rock bridge

Jabal Burdah and its rock bridge are located in the southeast of the protected area. On the north ridge, stands the 35-meter high rock bridge. It is considered to be one of the highest rock bridges in the world. It is one of the most spectacular places in our desert. If you have (a sense of) vertigo, the best option is to marvel at this rock bridge from the valley floor. If you are reasonably fit, hiking and scrambling up the to the bridge is for you. It is one of the most rewarding hikes/scrambles in our desert. A spectacular Bedouin road takes you to the rock bridge in about 1,5 hours. On the way, you pass by a couple of great viewpoints. Jabal Burdah is home to several species of plants used for medicinal purposes. From the rock bridge itself, you can enjoy incredible views on the desert.

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