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5 myths about sleeping under the stars revealed

sleeping under the stars in wadi rum

We believe sleeping under the stars in the Wadi Rum desert should be on every traveler’s bucket list. It is something special that should be experienced by all from young to old. Still, a lot of people hesitate if they hear about this way of staying overnight. Most of the time because of some of the myths or story they heard about sleeping under the stars. In this week’s blog, we reveal and debunk 5 of the most common myths about sleeping under the stars.

Myth #1 Sleeping under the stars is only for young people

Sleeping outside under the stars sounds like an adventure. And in fact, it is an adventure. Mainly because most people are not used to sleeping outside. It is ‘unknown territory’. And for some reason, most people think that this kind of adventure is something for people who are in their twenties or thirties. And this is where they get mistaken. Sleeping outside is suited for everybody who is in reasonable health and who likes to have an extraordinary experience.

Myth #2 Sleeping under the stars exposes you to dangerous animals

Wadi Rum desert is home to a wide range of animals. Some species are widespread, and others are rarely seen. Most of them are harmless to humans. You can read more about the kind of animals that we have here in our blog ‘The amazing animals of Wadi Rum desert‘.

As we were born and raised here, we know the desert very well. We know where most species live and what kind of places they like. Whenever we search for places to sleep under the stars, we take in to account which type of animals live close to that spot. We have found quite a few beautiful and safe places to stay overnight. And, of course, we always check the area upon arrival. So, there is no need to worry about dangerous animals.

Myth #3 Sleeping under the stars exposes you to large amounts of insects and bugs

You probably have read travel stories from travelers visiting tropical places. Often they tell about vast amounts of insects and bugs flying and crawling around between dusk and dawn. Wadi Rum is a desert. Although the desert is a harsh place, it does not mean we have no insects and bugs at all. We do — only much less. As you know, light attracts animals. So when using your flashlight, you most likely will see some insects heading toward you. Maybe curious beetles will drop by at night time as well. But that will be about it.

Myth #4 Sleeping under the stars is uncomfortable and undoubtedly unhealthy

If you realize that the outdoors is a different type of 5* accommodation, it can be a comfortable and exceptional experience. Yes, the facilities are basic. But the comfort of sleeping on a mattress on the sand is similar to sleeping in a regular bed.

The relation between exposure to light (daylight and artificial light) and sleeping is the subject of many studies. Sleep expert Kenneth Wright, University of Colorado Boulder, said the following about this. “By increasing our exposure to sunlight and reducing our exposure to electrical lighting at night, we can turn our internal clock and sleep times back and likely make it easier to awaken and be alert in the morning.”. Do we need to say more?

Myth #5 Sleeping under the stars is a cold affair

Most of the year, it is possible to sleep outside in Wadi Rum. Temperatures will be pleasantly around 15 degrees during spring and autumn and around 25 degrees throughout the summer. During winter, the temperatures are between 0 and 10 degrees. That is too cold to sleep outdoors.

We have suitable sleeping equipment (mattress, sleeping bag, and sheet) ready for you. During the cooler nights, we also provide an extra blanket so that you can stay comfortable throughout the night.

In case it is too cold or windy to sleep comfortably outdoors, we have a solution also. We have an authentic, cozy and comfortable camp in the desert. The perfect hide-out if the weather does not allow sleeping outside.

When will you sleep under the stars of Wadi Rum?

All our tours, except the full day tours, can be done in combination with an overnight stay in our ‘cave’. Note that sleeping in our ‘cave’ is only available during July, August, and September. Do you plan to visit Wadi Rum in another month? No worries, we also offer sleeping outdoors near our camp, Wadi Rum Base Camp. We have a couple of great spots waiting for you. One last thing, when planning your holiday, keep in mind that sleeping outdoors is not possible from December until the end of March.

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