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About Wadi Rum Nomads​

“Life revolves around the people we meet and the memories we create with them”

Get to know Wadi Rum Nomads

Hello traveler! I am delighted that you have discovered our page. I am Fawaz Mohammad, the founder of Wadi Rum Nomads. Bianca and I are excited to introduce ourselves and give you a sneak peek into our company. Here is who we are and what makes us tick.

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Fawaz Mohammad, the owner of Wadi Rum Nomads, receives a warm hug from one of his camels.

The story of Fawaz Mohammad​

Fawaz is a proud Bedouin from the Zalabieh tribe. He was born and raised in the heart of Wadi Rum and dreamt of sharing the magic of his homeland and the rich Bedouin culture with the world. During his early years, he lived a nomadic life in the desert, which he cherishes very much. He says, "I have memories of every mountain and valley in Wadi Rum and can tell many hilarious stories about childhood experiences." During this time, he created a deep connection with his homeland and the Bedouin way of living that can never be broken.

As a teenager, while attending school in Rum village, Fawaz decided to spend some of his free time working in tourism jobs. After finishing school, he continued to learn from his family, spending time with his grandparents and listening to their stories about family, Bedouin life, culture, and history. “These stories have enriched my knowledge in a unique way, for which I am forever grateful”, Fawaz says when looking back.

At the same time, he started working full-time, gaining experience in all possible tourism jobs, improving his English, extending his knowledge about Wadi Rum, and deepening his understanding of travelers’ needs. All of this led to the big moment in 2014, when he decided it was time to make his childhood dream come true and start his own business.

Bianca Abma - member of team Wadi Rum Nomads

The story of Bianca Abma

Bianca Abma is a free-spirited woman who inherited her family's adventurous genes. “From a young age, I knew that I would leave my home country of the Netherlands one day,” she says, looking back. After studying tourism and marketing, she worked in various jobs. During her travels, she observed that the tourism industry often profits Western countries while the local people are left with little benefit. She wanted to change this by living in a foreign country, working for a local company, and empowering them to be independent. “My goal is to ensure that the money spent by travelers goes to the local people who deserve it,” she says passionately.

In 2014, Bianca visited Wadi Rum and fell in love with its raw beauty and the spirit of the Bedouin people. She decided to join Fawaz on his journey and became part of the Wadi Rum Nomads family. Guests are often told that Bianca is not just a member of the Nomads family but also considered a sister within their Bedouin family.

Bianca’s connection to the desert and the Bedouin sets her apart from others. She understands the challenges that the community faces and advocates for its preservation. Her mission is to share the magic of Wadi Rum with travelers while contributing to a prosperous future for the Bedouin and Wadi Rum.

The DNA of Wadi Rum Nomads

Wadi Rum Nomads is not just a regular tour company—we are a family, the Nomads family. Our foundation is rooted in passion, respect, and an intense love for this desert that flows through our veins. Our guiding principle is integrity, which we use to guide our actions and ensure that we treat our guests, team, and the environment in the best possible way. At Wadi Rum Nomads, we believe in fair practices, sustainable tourism, and safeguarding and preserving our Bedouin culture and Wadi Rum.

The Nomads style - what you can expect from us

We could share delightful stories about our incredible journey over the past decade, but we prefer to share with you what sets us apart. Knowing our ‘Nomads style’ will give you a better understanding of what your experience in Wadi Rum will entail if you choose to join us.

summer sunset at one of the most special places in Wadi Rum

High-quality desert experiences​

We offer you a comprehensive experience that goes beyond the typical touristy excursion. You will explore the Wadi Rum protected area's stunning and diverse desert scenery and experience a unique cultural immersion. Our experienced and knowledgeable guides, all Bedouins born and raised in Wadi Rum, are deeply passionate about their Bedouin life, cultural heritage, and breathtakingly beautiful homeland, the Wadi Rum desert. With their renowned sense of humor, they will share their knowledge and stories with you, making your experience a truly authentic Bedouin one.

zarb dinner served at wadi rum base camp

Freshly prepared, tasty food

We take great pride in serving freshly prepared Bedouin food, which is not limited to gas-cooked meals. Our meals also feature dishes cooked over open fires or in an underground oven. Our Bedouin food is known for its simple yet flavorful taste. As Bedouins, we make the most of the limited resources available in the desert to create our delicious meals. Imagine yourself enjoying a tasty lunch cooked and served in a remote place in the heart of the desert!

shiny bathroom building at Wadi Rum Base camp

Eye for cleanliness​

We prioritize cleanliness. You can rest assured that our bathroom facilities are always spotlessly clean, and the double sheets on your bed are freshly washed to make your stay comfortable. And if you prefer to sleep outdoors under the billions of stars, we have sleeping bags and freshly washed liners readily available. All in all, we strive to provide a clean and comfortable experience despite the challenging desert setting.

Sustainable practices

We are committed to operating sustainably and minimizing our environmental impact to preserve the natural beauty of Wadi Rum for future generations. This commitment is reflected in various aspects of our operations. For instance, we use solar energy and solar warm water, avoid littering, reduce firewood collection, and preserve water. Moreover, we no longer offer private tours to limit the number of cars in the desert that pose a threat to the fragile desert vegetation. Also, we limit the availability of sleeping at our ‘cave’ because of its environmental impact and increased firewood usage. Lastly, we do not provide private bathrooms at our campsite. We run a traditional Bedouin camp that offers you a chance to experience Bedouin life with some modern amenities. We aren’t a lodge or resort. Additionally, private bathrooms require more water for cleaning, and research has shown that private bathrooms use significantly more water, which is scarce in our country. We hope you appreciate and support our commitment to sustainability.

Bedouin hospitality at its finest

Our Bedouin culture is renowned for its exceptional hospitality based on warmth and generosity. This tradition is deeply rooted in our values, and we always prioritize your comfort, enjoyment, and well-being. We take a personal approach, paying genuine attention to your needs and ensuring you feel right at home. These are essential factors in enabling you to make desert memories for life.

Transparent and fair pricing

We believe in honesty, transparency, and fairness. That is why we ensure that all our prices are clear and upfront, with a list of inclusions and exclusions. You won’t encounter any hidden fees or unexpected extra charges. Furthermore, we treat all our guests equally by providing the flat-rate prices listed on our website. Flat-rate means we don’t increase prices during peak season or offer discounts upon special request. You can rest assured that the price you see on our website and your booking confirmation is the price you will pay.

A perfect example about Wadi Rum Nomads: Fawaz with guests, our extended family, on a selfie

Become part of the Nomads family​

We believe in the power of togetherness and consider you a member of our extended Nomads family. We want you to feel the same way. To make that happen, we encourage you to come with an open mind and a willingness to participate in your desert adventure. Everyone’s active participation is necessary to create something extraordinary and unforgettable. Therefore, bring your enthusiasm, curiosity, and a sense of adventure, and let’s create desert memories for life.
Come as our guest, leave as our friend!

Our team

We are excited to introduce you to the other members of our beautiful Nomads family. Please meet Nawaf, Hamed, Abdullah, and Mohammed, our four guides who are all related to me, Fawaz. These guys are brilliant Bedouin personalities and passionate, experienced, English-speaking guides who ensure you have an unforgettable Bedouin adventure. And let’s not forget about Ali, who works tirelessly to ensure everything runs smoothly at our campsite. Without these fantastic people, it would not be possible to create those memorable desert experiences that will stay with you forever!

Our achievements

10 years of experience
16.000+ guests
guests from 101 countries
1600+ reviews
8 Tripadvisor certificates of excellence

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One of our many guest reviews which says it all

From the initial contact with Bianca and the team, the booking process for the tour, the general advice received before even arriving in Wadi Rum, and then, of course, the absolutely stellar time spent on site, you can't go wrong. Everything went smoothly, and our guides were very informative and entertaining throughout our stay. You get a nice mix of insights into Bedouin life, the history of Wadi Rum and Jordan, but also a little bit of jokes and banter as well. The only downside to our stay was that it was only for two days and not longer!
Alex, American
Reviewed on Tripadvisor, Febuary 2024

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