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About Wadi Rum Nomads​

On this page, we share some more information about Wadi Rum Nomads. We tell you about why Fawaz started his own company. Then we share some more details about the people who make up team Wadi Rum Nomads. And lastly, we tell you about what you can expect from us and what we can offer you.

Table of Contents

Why I started Wadi Rum Nomads

Wadi Rum Nomads is a company based in Rum village, at the heart of the majestic Wadi Rum desert in Jordan. My name is Fawaz Mohammad Al-Zalabieh and I am the owner and manager of the company. We offer various tours and overnight stay options for our guests in Wadi Rum.

Since I was a little boy, I had always dreamed of running my own company. At the age of 12, I started working with my uncles. I began by taking care of the camels, then worked as a camp cook. As my English improved, I became a camel guide and later switched to guiding jeep tours, hiking and scrambling tours, and trekking.

Over the years, I have gained extensive experience in guiding travelers and providing them with everything they need for an enjoyable time. I have also learned about the sites and history of Wadi Rum, which is essential for being a guide. Additionally, I have spent time with my grandparents, listening to their stories about family, Bedouin life, culture, and history. These stories have enriched my knowledge in a unique way, for which I am forever grateful. Passing this legacy on within my family is important to me, and I also wish to share it with the travelers who visit us.

fawaz mohammad hugging camels

Team Wadi Rum Nomads

Wadi Rum Nomads is a family-run business, with my brothers, cousins, and friends serving as tour guides. We are proud Bedouins from the Zalabieh tribe, residing in Rum village and the exquisite Wadi Rum desert. We feel blessed and grateful to be born and raised in one of the world’s most beautiful places, and we have an immense love for our homeland. Even though we have settled in Rum village, we still consider ourselves nomads at heart. Whenever we feel restless, we pack our things into a jeep and venture into the desert.

Early on, we met Bianca Abma, who has since become a valuable team member. She helps us run, expand, and promote our business.

Our vision for the future of Wadi Rum Nomads is simple yet ambitious: to grow into the best company in Wadi Rum. To achieve this goal, we plan to collaborate with the most skilled and qualified people.

wadi rum nomads - bianca abma in the southern part of wadi rum

What can you expect from us?

We aim to share our love for Wadi Rum with you. We wish to give you a unique experience. Together we make desert  memories for life. We are satisfied once we see our passion and love for our homeland in your eyes!

Your opinion about Wadi Rum desert and Bedouin will change forever as we:

  • guide you while exploring our striking desert
  • show you beautiful places that will take your breath away
  • witness the magical desert sunset
  • share unique insights on our tribe’s history, lifestyle, and culture
  • occasionally play our famous Bedouin music
  • share beautiful moments around the fire at night
  • watch the phenomenal starry night sky together

And maybe most impressive of all; together, we will experience the magic of the silence and peace of the desert night. Desert memories for life!

nawaf enjoying the sunset with guests in wadi rum

What we can offer you

We offer our guests a variety of tours. You can go on a jeep tour, during which you will explore the most famous sites in Wadi Rum. Of course, you will have plenty of time to hike, climb, and explore at each place. Desert tours are a combination of hiking and a jeep tour. This means that you will spend one part of the day in one place to hike or climb and the other part of the day exploring the desert by jeep. Further, we offer camel ride varying in duration from 1 hour to a full day. Lastly, we also have a few trekking programs.

At night, you can sleep in our camp, Wadi Rum Base Camp. Our camp is charming, cozy, and comfortable. We offer sleeping in a tent or sleeping outdoors under the stars. For sleeping outdoors, we have a few fantastic places close to our camp. Besides our camp, we also have a ‘cave’ for bivouac camping. Our ‘cave’ is at a beautiful spot on the edge of the Um Sabatah area. This type of overnight stay means back to basics. So, no bathroom facilities. All we have is what we bring along.

Do you want to explore the majestic desert and camp in Wadi Rum?