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5 do’s and don’ts while on tour in Wadi Rum desert

5 do’s and don’ts while on tour in Wadi Rum desert

5 do’s and don’ts while on tour in Wadi Rum desert

Touring around Wadi Rum desert is an unforgettable experience. Our desert is an extraordinary and beautiful place. Although people see similarities with other areas on our beautiful earth, no place is really like Wadi Rum. Being in Wadi Rum desert makes you realise how stunningly beautiful our planet’s nature is and how small and insignificant we are. For both, for independent travellers and group travellers, a multiple days tour in Wadi Rum desert helps you to put things in perspective. Some visitors spend their time thinking about the meaning of life. Others relax and enjoy stunning views. In this blog, we share the five do’s and don’ts while on tour in Wadi Rum desert. These do’s and don’ts help you to optimise your experience. And they also help us to keep Wadi Rum desert to stay the magical place it is.

#1 Collect memories not things in the desert

Make sure to bring your camera with enough memory cards and fully charged batteries. When you tour around Wadi Rum desert, you will find out that you keep seeing stunningly beautiful places and things. Of course, it is essential to enjoy the moment. But for sure you wish to capture some of the beauty as a memory. A memory to share with your family and friends. And also a memory for yourself to help you remind the details of your experience here. We live in a material world, and therefore many people wish to collect things. Still, we would like to ask you not to take anything from our desert.

#2 Leave nothing but footprints in the desert

A desert is a fragile place filled with life. There are many silent witnesses of life. Fossils remind us of the times water was still abundant in this area. Ancient writings and drawings tell of the people who lived and travelled so long ago. Animal tracks are the silent witnesses of the animals that nowadays call Wadi Rum their home. And car tracks and footprints show human presence. All live here in this harsh place together. A bottle in the sand, a plastic bag on a small bush or a can next to a fireplace. These are dreadful reminders of human presence. Please take your garbage with you and if possible also take that empty bottle, the bag and other waste some else left behind with you. We thank all our guests for helping us to keep this place pristine.

#3 Adjust your wear to weather and culture

Summer days can be sweltering with temperatures well over 40 degrees Celsius. And winter nights can be cold with temperatures well below zero. It is essential to wear clothes that fit the weather. During the cold winter, we use farwa’s, our long, thick coats to keep us warm. And during summer we protect our skin from sunlight by wearing our long-sleeved thoabs of thin fabrics.
We advise our guests to bring different layers of clothes. This way, you can adapt your wear to all types of weather during the day and night. Further, it is highly appreciated if you dress modestly. This way, you make sure not to run into an awkward situation if you meet local Bedouin. Read more about this in our blog ‘How to dress for the desert’.

#4 Enjoy the nightly darkness and bring a flashlight for a pie

Nights in Wadi Rum desert are dark. No artificial light here. And almost always, the sky is clear. Excellent for those who like to marvel at the billion stars that surround our earth. In our blog ‘5 reasons to watch shooting stars in Wadi Rum’, you can read all about enjoying our starry night sky.
As most of our guests live in urban places in western countries, they are not used to deal with the darkness at night. Darkness and a nightly walk can be a dangerous combination. Even more, if you realise that medical care is not available around the corner. Therefore we always request our guests to use a flashlight when they want to go for a pie in the middle of the night.

#5 Find yourself a desert toilet and remember to burn your toilet paper

As soon as we leave the sealed road, we leave civilisation. When on tour with us this also means no more showers and toilets until we return to Rum village. Not having a shower for a couple of days is no problem. We are in this together ;). And if you wish, we can provide you with some water to refresh yourself after a hot day or night. If you need to do your ‘business’, you leave for a moment and find yourself a suitable place to mind your ‘business’. We Bedouins are used to using water for cleaning. Western people are used to using toilet paper. Both are fine with us. Just don’t forget to bring a lighter to burn your toilet paper or tissue after use or bring it back and put it in the waste bag.

Practice the do’s and don’ts

For sure these do’s, and don’ts are doable for you. So have a look at our tour pages. Find out which tour you like most. And come and practise the do’s and don’ts with us in Wadi Rum desert. Let’s have a marvellous and unforgettable time here in our desert!

See you in Wadi Rum desert,

Team Wadi Rum Nomads

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