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by Fawaz Mohammad

Bivouac camping

bivouac camping in the wadi rum nomads cave

On this web page, you find information about our bivouac camping in our ‘cave’, also known and referred to as ‘sleeping outdoors’ and ‘sleeping under the stars’. We start with the location of our ‘cave’. Then we get into how bivouac camping works and the available facilities. Next, we share more information about during which months you can sleep in our ‘cave’. And we get into the food and drinks that we serve. Further, we share a couple of the testimonials of our guests. And we finish up by sharing links to our tours, that can be combined with an overnight stay in our ‘cave’.

Location of the Wadi Rum Nomads 'cave'

The location of our ‘cave’ is a breathtaking, scenic, and quiet spot on the edge of the wilderness zone and Um Sabatah, where no camps are around. We call it a ‘cave’, but it is more an overhanging rock that protects us from sun, rain, and wind. Although the ‘cave’ is well protected, we built a traditional low wall. The wall offers extra protection and gives a more secluded feeling. For sure, when you stay overnight in our ‘cave’, you will feel like you are the only living soul in the desert.

Near the ‘cave’ you can climb on a plateau or the mountain to enjoy mesmerizing views over Wadi Rum. For sure, you want to go to either of the places to enjoy the sunset or sunrise. And from the ‘cave’ itself, we have a great view of the billions of stars at night.

From our office in Rum village, we can reach our ‘cave’ by jeep.

starry night sky view from the wadi rum nomads cave while bivouac camping

How bivouac camping works

After the day tour, your guide drives to our ‘cave’. While you enjoy the sunset, your guide starts with the preparation and cooking of the traditional Bedouin dinner. Of course, he will prepare our famous Bedouin tea alongside.

When you return to the ‘cave’, you can enjoy the tea. And once dinner is ready, it will be served for you. We have no tables and chairs. So, we eat being seated on the matrasses.

You can spend the rest of the evening seated around the fire. We can tell you about Bedouin culture and music, or you can gaze into the starry night sky and enjoy the peaceful silence of the desert.

Once it is time to sleep, we will organize the mattresses on a carpet and provide you with your sleeping equipment. It consists of a sleeping bag and sheet. And during colder nights, we also offer blankets. Please note that we don’t provide pillows. If you want to bring your own sleeping equipment, that is fine with us. But it is not necessary.

The next morning you can wake up to the rising sun. We start the day with breakfast in the ‘cave’. Afterward, we either continue your tour or return to Rum village.

Facilities during bivouac camping

Bivouac camping in our ‘cave’ means back to basics. So, no running water, no toilet, and no shower. All that we have is what we bring along.

We have designated places, ‘toilets with a view’ as we call them, where you can mind your business. And we request all our guests not to leave toilet paper (also not the biodegradable ones), and other things behind as in arid areas like our desert decomposition can take decades.

As for taking a shower, that won’t be possible when you sleep under the stars. You can take a shower the next evening at our camp or your next accommodation.

view on our cave where we do bivouac camping

When bivouac camping is available

We decided to limit bivouac camping in our ‘cave’ to July, August, and September as it is a high impact way of staying overnight. We love our homeland and want to contribute to the preservation so that many generations can enjoy our magical desert. For preservation, we must limit the collecting of firewood and pollution. In our camp, we can use the same amount of wood for all our guests, which we otherwise use for a few guests in our ‘cave’. And as the camp has bathroom facilities, we also limit pollution due to human waste, etc.

Does this mean you cannot sleep outdoors with us during the other months of the year? No, of course, not. It is a unique experience that we want our guests to have. On our webpage ‘Wadi Rum Base Camp‘, you can read all out bivouac camping near our camp.

Our food and drinks

We serve our meals buffet-style. For breakfast, we have bread and a selection of toppings like oil & za’atar, labneh, hummus, cheese, jam, and eggs accompanied by Bedouin tea, coffee, and mineral water.

Lunch typically consists of a freshly prepared hot dish like Galayah Bandura accompanied by bread and a selection of side dishes as hummus, cheese, tuna, and salad. And as for drinks, we serve mineral water, Bedouin tea, and soda or juice.

For dinner, we serve freshly prepared, traditional Bedouin food like Zarb or Khabsah accompanied by bread, rice and salads. After dinner, we serve either sweets or fruit. And as for drinks, we serve mineral water, Bedouin tea, and soda or juice.

We pay attention to your dietary requirements as much as possible within the limitation of the desert.

Lastly, note that mineral water is available for free throughout your stay. So, no need to bring some yourself.

What our guests say about bivouac camping

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