Wadi Rum Base Camp

Wadi Rum Base Camp

Charming, cozy, and comfortable. Three words that describe Wadi Rum Base Camp well. It is the perfect place to rest, relax and enjoy after a day out in the desert. Our warm welcome, personal attention, and service will make you and your fellow travelers feel at home instantly. So, we would like to call it your Bedouin home away from home.

On this page, we share more information about our camp. And, of course, we added pictures to give you the best impression possible.

The location of Wadi Rum Base Camp

The location of our camp, called Wadi Rum Base Camp, is a picturesque and tranquil spot close to Khazali canyon in the heart of the Wadi Rum protected area. The campsite offers excellent desert views. And you can climb up the rocks next to our camp for even more spectacular views.

Because of its central location, our camp is the ideal base for exploring the desert. For example, the red dune, Khazali canyon, and Little bridge are all within walking distance. Other famous sites are within a day tours reach. And  a multiple-day stay at our camp offers you the opportunity also to explore the lesser-visited, more remote areas of Wadi Rum.

From our office in Rum village, we can reach our camp by either jeep or camel. It is also possible to reach our campsite on foot but to make sure that you don’t get lost, you would need a guide.

The communal tent and outdoor sitting area​

The communal tent and the outdoor sitting area form the heart of Wadi Rum Base camp. These are the places where it all happens! Here we welcome you to our campsite, we drink the famous Bedouin tea and eat our meals. And it is also the place where we talk, share stories, play traditional music and dance.

Our spacious, nicely decorated communal tent has a huge bench with thick mattresses and camel saddles to lean on, tables, stools, and a buffet. The tent has windows all around so that you can enjoy the mesmerizing panoramic views. During the winter days, we close the windows and heat the tent by making a fire in the firepit. You can sit on the mattresses around the pit to warm yourself, enjoy tea, and share stories.

Next to the communal tent is the outside sitting area. Like the communal tent, the outdoor sitting area has a huge bench with thick mattresses and camel saddles. Here we spend the long, sultry summer evenings under the billion-star sky. During cooler evenings, we will lit the firepit to give us warmth and atmosphere.

The bathroom facilities

We understand that most travelers prefer a private bathroom. Still, in a desert environment, we consider private facilities and the extra water usage that comes with it inappropriately. Therefore we decided to have one bathroom building for all our guests. We pay a lot of attention to cleaning to make sure the bathroom building is spotlessly clean for our guests every day.

Our bathroom building is a modern building with two shower with dressing area, two western toilets, and two washbasins.

The sleeping tents

We placed our goat-hair, cabin-style, sleeping tents in a half-moon shape on the dune. And between the tents is extra space to give you more privacy.

We have ten 2-person tents and two 5-person tents. The tents are elevated and have wooden floors covered with a carpet. The 2-person tents have two windows for ventilation, and the 5-person tents have three windows.

Further, the tents have everything for a comfortable stay in the desert: light, beds, a small table, hooks, and a trash can. Also, we provide pillows, bed linen, and big, thick blankets to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the night.

Tent preference and allocation

When booking your tour and overnight stay with us, we ask you to share your tent preference. If available, you get the tent type you requested. And in case all tent of the preferred type are already fully booked, we will share the alternative options with you.

All guests, get private tents. By this, we mean that if, for example, you are a single traveler, you will have a 2-person tent for you alone. And if you are a group of three, we provide you with two private 2-person tents or a private 5-person tent.

Further, families are in the lead for the 5-person tents. Lastly, for children under three years, we have baby beds available.

Sleeping outdoors close by Wadi Rum Base Camp

We have beautiful spots a short walk away from our camp where you can sleep outdoors (also know as bivouac camping and sleeping under the stars). Sleeping outdoors close by our camp gives you the same sleeping experience as when you would sleep in our ‘cave’. At night, the starry night sky is your ceiling, and in the morning, you wake up to mesmerizing valley views.

Of course, sleeping outdoors close to our camp comes with the comfort of the facilities that we have in our camp. Meaning, you can use the bathroom instead of needing to find yourself a ‘toilet with a view’.

The number of spots for sleep outdoors is limited. And we have different equipment (mattresses, sheets, and sleeping bags) for outdoor sleeping. Further, it is not allowed to use the mattresses and blankets of the sleeping tent to sleep outdoors.

As you will understand, it is necessary to let us know whether you want to sleep under the stars or in a sleeping tent upfront. You can do this when filling out the booking form.

When the weather does not allow sleeping outdoors, we relocate you to one of the sleeping tents in our camp. Therefore we check the weather conditions in the morning. So, in most cases, you will know upon arrival if sleeping outdoors is possible.


Jordan is one of the water poorest countries in the world. And the annual rainfall is insufficient for the yearly required water. Therefore we need to rely on water from aquifers for quite a large part. As aquifers don’t fill up fast, we need to use the available water wisely. Knowing this, it will not be a surprise that we have a ministry of water.

One of the best places where you can see that water is not abundant in our country is in desert areas like Wadi Rum. Near our campsite, there is no natural water resource that we can use to provide water in our camp. Thus we need to bring all the necessary water by tank truck from outside. On the rocks behind the bathroom building, we have a couple of tanks to store the water.

Currently, we have no hot water system. So, the water will be as warm as the sun made it during the day.

Solar electricity

In our camp, we use solar power to illuminate the central buildings and sleeping tents. We generate the electricity with the solar panels on the rocks behind the campsite. Shortly after the sunset, we switch on the power. And once everybody went to bed, we switch it off.

In the communal tent, we have a plug system (European plug) for you to use to charge your mobile phone and the batteries of your camera. Make sure to start charging soon after you arrive in the camp.

Outside we try to limit the use of light as much as possible. Next to every tent and at some central point in the camp, we put stand-alone solar lamps. These lamps give a little light for as long as the battery lasts. All in all, there is low light pollution. So, the options for stargazing are excellent.

Our food and drinks

We serve our meals buffet-style. For breakfast, we have bread and a selection of toppings like oil & za’atar, labneh, hummus, tomato, cucumber, olives, cheese, jam, and eggs accompanied by Bedouin tea, coffee, and mineral water.

Lunch typically consists of a freshly prepared hot dish like Galayah Bandura accompanied by bread and a selection of side dishes as hummus, cheese, tuna, and salad. And as  for drinks, we serve mineral water, Bedouin tea, and soda or juice.

For dinner, we serve freshly prepared, traditional Bedouin food like Zarb, Khabsah, or Magloubah, accompanied by bread, rice, salads, and homemade Moutabal. After dinner, we serve either sweets or fruit. And as for drinks, we serve mineral water, Bedouin tea, and soda or juice.

We pay attention to your dietary requirements as much as possible within the limitation of the desert.

Lastly, note that mineral water is available for free throughout your stay. So, no need to bring some yourself.

What our guests say about Wadi Rum Base Camp

We loved the fact that this is more of a boutique tour company; even the camp is not too large and it's located in a private area (some of the others are in a space where you can see 3-4 other camps in the distance; this was more secluded so it gave you that 'middle of the desert' feel); the fact that they have a few places where they offer sleeping under the stars, properly set up and (naturally) sheltered from the elements distinguishes this company from the others.

Anna, United Kingdom

Reviewed on Tripadvisor

Delicious food (I could write special review for the cook in the camp indeed) and accommodation in the camp was so comfortable. And most important - camp was sparkling clean!!

Vladana, Montenegro

Reviewed on Tripadvisor

The camp is small, fairly close to the village so not a long transfer time. It was as expected, simple in the tents but all spotless and plenty of blankets provided. We needed them at night at this time of the year. The shower/toilet block looks newly done and again very clean. Be aware there is only cold water available but it was fine for a quick shower and obviously you need to be mindful of water consumption here in the desert (and Jordan generally).

HMax, United Kingdom

Reviewed on Tripadvisor

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