overview of Wadi Rum Base Camp on a full moon night

Wadi Rum Base Camp

Wadi Rum Base Camp: Opening its doors from the 1st of September

About 3 years ago I started Wadi Rum Nomads. A bivouac tour company offering adventurous tours in our desert. With a small team, I started to guide travellers who were looking for an adventure in Wadi Rum desert. Soon after many more travellers followed. Quickly we built our name and got known for the high-quality experience we offer.

Because of our good reputation, we also got more and more request from travellers who wanted to join our tours but wished to have the comfort of a bed and a shower. Until now we offered our guests to stay overnight in one of the camps in Wadi Rum. It worked out well for our guests but for us, it wasn’t ideal. We started to dream of not only having our own ‘cave’ but also our own camp. A place where we can host our guests like we feel it should be done.

Many conversations followed to determine what our camp should be like. Last year we slowly started building at the place where our father once had his camp. And now our camp finished and opened its doors on the 9th of August 2017. A new dream come true!

Our camp carries the name Wadi Rum Base Camp. It will be the base from which many guests will explore our beautiful desert. Most our current bivouac tours are now also available in combination with an overnight stay in our camp. Further, we are developing some special tours which can only be combined with an overnight stay in our camp. These will be online soon. On each tour page we mentioned which combinations are possible.

On this page, we share a few pictures from our camp. As soon as possible we will add more pictures to give you a total impression our beautiful camp, Wadi Rum Base Camp.

Wadi Rum Base Camp: Your base for exploring Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum Base camp is located inside the Wadi Rum protected area close to Khazali canyon. Our camp can be reached by either jeep, camel or foot (guided only). The campsite offers great views of Jabal Khazali, the sand dune and the valley. And you can climb up the rocks next to our camp for even more amazing valley views.

As our camp is located in the heart of Wadi Rum, it is the ideal base for exploring our desert. The sand dune, Khazali canyon and Little bridge are all within walking distance and many others sites within a day tours reach. A multiple day stay at our camp offers you the opportunity to also explore the lesser visited, more remote areas.

What our guests say

Wadi Rum Base Camp: your Bedouin home away from home

Authentic, cosy and comfortable. Three words which describe our camp well. It is the perfect place to rest, relax and enjoy. We offer comfortable sleeping tents, a modern bathroom building and a cosy communal tent where we gather after a day out in the desert. Our warm welcome, personal attention and service will make you feel at home instantly. Come as our guest and leave as our friend!

The communal tent

Our spacious, nicely decorated communal tent has a huge bench with thick mattresses, tables and a fire place. With windows all around you can enjoy the mesmerising panoramic views from everywhere. Our communal tent is the place where it all happens! Here you will be welcomed to our camp, here we drink the famous Bedouin tea and eat our meals. It is also the place where we talk and share stories, where we play traditional music and dance and where we sit around the fireplace.

During warm summer evenings, we relocate outside where we enjoy the same cosiness but then under the starry night sky.

The bathroom

We have one modern, clean, shared bathroom building with 2 showers with dressing area, 2 western toilet and 2 wash basins.

The sleeping tents

Our goat-hair sleeping tents are located on the sand dune. We have six 2-persons tents and two 5-person tents. We left extra space between the tents to grant you privacy. The tents are elevated and have wooden floors covered with a carpet. The 2-person tents have two windows for ventilation and the 5-person tents have three windows for ventilation. Further, the tents have everything for a comfortable night in the desert; beds, a small table, hooks, a trash can and a light. Further, we provide pillows, bed linen and blankets to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the night.

Electricity is available during the evening hours. Charging cameras and phones can be done in the communal tent.

During summer when the nights are warm you can sleep outside. We offer special mattresses, sheets and sleeping bags for this.

Our food and drinks

We serve our meals buffet-style. For breakfast, we have bread and a selection of toppings like oil & za’atar, labanah, hummus, tomato, cucumber, olives, cheese, jam and eggs accompanied by Bedouin tea, coffee and mineral water.

Lunch typically consists of a freshly prepared hot dish like Galayah Bandura accompanied by bread and a selection of side dishes as hummus, cheese, tuna and salad. As for drinks, we serve mineral water, Bedouin tea and soda or juice.

For dinner, we serve freshly prepared, traditional Bedouin food like khabsah, magloubah and zarb with bread, rice, salads, hummus and yoghurt as side dishes. After dinner, we serve either sweets or fruit. As for drinks, we serve mineral water, Bedouin tea and soda or juice.
We pay attention to your dietary requirements as much as possible.

Mineral water is available for free throughout your stay.