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Review on Wadi Rum Nomads’ online activities

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It is early March 2015. Winter left Wadi Rum desert, and we enjoy the warmer and sunnier spring weather. It will not be long before travelers come to enjoy the beauty of Wadi Rum desert once again. An excellent moment to look back. And to make plans for the future.

Wadi Rum Nomads' online activities

Looking back, we realize that we have been pretty busy the past year. In May 2014 we started our own business Wadi Rum Nomads. The same month we launched our website. In the months after the launch we improved our website by adding new and better content. And in October we started to blog. What a great adventure it was to start a weekly blog. Looking back, we are proud that we did it. Every week more people read our blogs, which makes us very happy. We want to share the current top 5 of the best-read blogs with you.

#1 Welcome to Wadi Rum Nomads

We feel very privileged and blessed to be born and raised in one of the world’s most beautiful places. We are Bedouins living a traditional lifestyle in the majestic desert of Wadi Rum, Jordan. We love our life and Wadi Rum desert. Read the whole blog Welcome to Wadi Rum Nomads.

#2 Bedouin wear: traditional clothes in modern times

If you have seen the movie Lawrence of Arabia (1962) or recently this video from CNN, you probably noticed that we wear traditional clothes. Did you know that our dresses have a function too? We share more about our clothes in the blog Bedouin wear: traditional clothes in modern times.

#3 How to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve in Wadi Rum desert

Did you know that Christmas is an official holiday in Jordan? Although the vast majority in Jordan is Muslim, the Christian minority can celebrate their most important holiday of the year too. Most people around the world celebrate the upcoming holidays with family and friends at home. Just like we do with Eid al Fitr and Eid al Adha. Read the whole blog How to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Wadi Rum desert.

#4 Mansaf: our national dish with a rich history

Mansaf is the heart of our cuisine. Our national dish has a rich history and tastes delicious. The recipe originates from the Bedouin, who lived in the Arabian desert. They were always on the move in search of water and shelter to protect themselves from the harsh weather. While moving around, they spread their traditions and food to new areas. Do you want to know more about Mansaf? Read the blog Mansaf: our national dish with a rich history.

#5 Five reasons why you should visit Wadi Rum desert in spring

Imagine you are exploring one of the most beautiful deserts on our planet. The sun is rising on a spring day. And you are scrambling up to one of the springs that offer some of the most mesmerizing views you have ever seen. The sky is clear, and people are few. Silently you enjoy the stunning scenic view. Read more about visiting Wadi Rum during spring in the blog 5 reasons why you should visit Wadi Rum desert in spring.

Sneak preview on Wadi Rum Nomads' 2015 plans

After 21 blogs, we are not done yet. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and insights with you. Therefore we will continue blogging about Wadi Rum throughout this year. And who knows, maybe we will keep doing it.

This year we will also launch a brand new website. This website will help us to serve you even better.

Last year we started with a limited number of tours. With the option of preparing you a tailor-made program according to your wishes. This year we will extend our tour program. Currently, we are developing several new tours.

If you want to know when we will launch our new website and tours, please follow us on Facebook.

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