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How to go travel fast and cheap to the Wadi Rum visitor center and onward to Rum village

3 ways to go travel fast and cheap to Wadi Rum

3 ways to go travel fast and cheap to Wadi Rum

Most Wadi Rum visitors are still booked on organised tours. This is one of the main reason why there is little public transport available in and out of Wadi Rum. Wadi Rum is located some 30 kilometers from the Al-Rushdiyye junction on the main road. The Desert Highway from Amman to Aqaba. If you an independent traveller there are 3 ways to go travel fast and cheap to Wadi Rum.

#1 Go travel by public bus

The buses in Jordan are modern and reliable. Traveling by bus is a cheap, safe and comfortable option. The only downside is that most buses only leave when filled up. Therefor the bus may be less suited if you are traveling on a tight schedule. JETT bus is an exception. They service a some of the main places in Jordan and have scheduled departures.

There is a regular public bus service between Amman and Aqaba and vice versa that runs multiple times a day. These buses pass by the Al-Rushdiyye junction. Ask the bus driver upfront to drop you off at the junction. From the junction you can take a taxi or hitchhike to Rum village. Most local Bedouin passing by the junction are happy to offer you a (free) ride to Rum village. Please be reminded that JETT bus does not allow passengers to leave to bus before reaching its final destination.

Between Wadi Musa/Petra and Wadi Rum and vice versa runs a special bus service. It operates daily in the morning if there is enough demand. There is also a direct bus from Aqaba to Wadi Rum and vice versa. It runs once a day except on Fridays when there is no service.

#2 Go travel by taxi

If you prefer easy and fast traveling, it might be a good idea to consider traveling by taxi. Jordan has many taxis with excellent drivers. Services are good and swift. Taxis to Wadi Rum can be arranged for anywhere in Jordan. One taxi can take 3-5 persons. The drive from Aqaba can be done within 1 hour. Petra takes about 2 hours. And Amman takes about 4 hours. One way prices vary from 20 JD for Aqaba to 35 JD for Petra and 100 JD for Amman. Most tour companies offer their guests the service of arranging transfers without any surcharge.

#3 Go travel by rental car

A rental car gives you maximum freedom. Go travel where you want, when you want. In Jordan it is common for tourist to use rental cars for most of their stay. Most of our roads are in good condition and many signs are in both Arabic and Western writing. Further driving around Jordan is fairly easy. You only might want to avoid driving is busy Amman. Basically a saloon car is all you need. Except if you want to drive off road. Then a 4 wheel drive is required. Reliable and Monte Carlo are Jordan’s biggest rental company. Most big global rental companies are present in Jordan too. Compared to other countries rental prices are average to slightly above average. The prices vary from anywhere between 25 JD per day for a small car to 100 JD for a 4 wheel drive. In Rum village you can safely park your car on the parking lot next to the Rest House. During our desert adventures we always us our own jeeps.

Visit our Getting there and away page in our faq section for more useful travel information and prices for traveling from and to Wadi Rum. If you wish transfer assistance please fill out your arrival and departure information and mark yes for transfer assistance on our booking form.

See you in Wadi Rum desert,

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