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Wadi Rum desert: your winter vacation destination

winter vacation with snow in wadi rum

Deserts are known for sweltering summers and bitterly cold winter. In the Wadi Rum desert, this is slightly different. Wadi Rum desert is about 1000 meters above sea level, which limits the extreme temperatures quite a bit. Our summers are hot, with an average temperature of 30 degrees. And our winters are cold with average temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees in the daytime. Dropping to around zero during the night. Altogether Wadi Rum desert is a real year-round holiday destination. In this blog, we give you five reasons why you should choose the Wadi Rum desert as your winter vacation destination.

#1 Low season

From December until mid-March and from June to mid-September are our low season periods. During these periods, fewer people visit Wadi Rum, which means that it will be quieter in the tourist hotspots and at the sunset places. And outside these places, you see even fewer people.

#2 Excellent temperatures

Average temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees are ideal for outdoor activities. You can hike through beautiful canyons like Abu Khashaba canyon and Burrah canyon. Or climb and scramble your way up mountains like Jabal Al-Hash and Jabal Um ad Dami to enjoy majestic desert views. Or hike up famous rock bridges like Little bridge, Um Fruth rock bridge, and Burdah rock bridge. Or do a 3- or 5-day trekking through the protected area.

#3 Chance of precipitation

The precipitation in the Wadi Rum desert is little. On average, 15 days a year, there is precipitation. Therefore we like to enjoy ourselves whenever it rains. We go out to feel the rain. We watch as the waterfalls emerge from the towering cliffs. And we appreciate the freshness and intense colors after the rainfall. If you are lucky, we can enjoy together. And maybe, we are fortunate enough to experience what snow is like in our desert.

#4 Intermitted clouds

During the winter months, we have quite some clouds in Wadi Rum. But completely overcast days are rare. The dust in the air is minimal during winter. Altogether excellent conditions to enjoy striking views and fabulous sunsets.

#5 Evenings around the fire

The evenings are longer as the sun sets earlier in winter. We spend more time around the wood fires. Drinking hot, Bedouin tea, having interesting conversations, making jokes, and relaxing.

Prepare and get ready for your winter vacation

Preparing for a visit to Wadi Rum during winter is easy. Just ensure that you bring multiple layers of clothing, a warm winter jacket, a warm winter trouser, a hat, a scarf, and gloves. This way, you can conveniently adjust your attire according to the changing weather conditions.

We have provided you with reasons why visiting Wadi Rum during the winter can be a great idea. However, there are more factors to consider when planning your holiday. To help you decide the best time to explore Wadi Rum, we have written a blog post titled ‘What is the best time to visit Wadi Rum?‘ Reading this blog post will provide you with more information and assist you in determining the perfect time for your visit.

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