Wadi Rum tours, extensions, and tailored tours

With our 15 Wadi Rum tours, we offer a wide variety of tours in the Wadi Rum Protected Area to cover our guests’ different wishes and interests. To begin with, some want to see Wadi Rum’s famous sites. For them, our jeep tour is the perfect choice. Then, others prefer an off-the-beaten-track experience. They will love our Wadi Sabet tour. And for our guests who love hiking and scrambling, we have our Jabal Al-Hash tour. Lastly, we have the Burdah rock bridge tour for our active, adventurous guests. Of course, we also offer combined tours so that you can have a multiple-day experience. Thus, the duration of your stay with us can be from a full day up to a week!

For travelers who love trekking, we have two trekking programs; one of three days and three nights, and another one that lasts for five days and five nights. Currently, our trekking pages are outdated. We are working on brand new ones, which hopefully will be online soon. Until then, don’t worry, the new trekking plans are ready and available. Therefore we invite you to contact us to receive the plans via email or WhatsApp.

Tip: Wadi Rum is a vast desert and offers many things to see, do, and experience. So, try to free at least two days and two nights so that you won’t be one of our guests who were sad to be leaving after one day and one night.

Wadi Rum tour extensions

In addition to our regular Wadi Rum tours, we have a set of extensions available. We have the following options:

Check out the extension section on the tour page of your choice to see which extensions you can combine with your preferred Wadi Rum tour.

Our Wadi Rum tours

Wadi Rum tailored tours

Do you want something other than one of our regular Wadi Rum tours and the available extensions? Contact us and let us know what you would like to do!