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Wadi Rum desert tour Wadi Sabet - 1 day and 1 night​​

1 day and 1 night Wadi Rum desert tour Wadi Sabet characteristics

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Step into another world with our Wadi Sabet tour that comes with an overnight stay. We go off the beaten track to discover the lesser-known and more pristine southern part of Wadi Rum. You will watch over the vast Wadi Sabet, see an ancient Bedouin storage place, and Double bridge. Our tour also features hikes through Um Mugur, Wadi Nuqra, and Um Ghdah, each offering its own unique beauty and charm and a traditional Bedouin lunch. We will catch the sunset in Um Sabatah before retiring for the night at our camp or ‘cave’. You will relish a customary Bedouin dinner and have the chance to stargaze before calling it a night. The next morning, after breakfast, we will return to our office in Rum village.

Table of Contents

Wadi Rum sites included in this tour

You can check out the detailed itinerary below for pictures of all the sites. Check out our Wadi Rum sites page for detailed information about each site.

The detailed Wadi Rum desert tour Wadi Sabet itinerary

Day 1 - Meeting point and start time

We will meet up at our office in Rum village for the check-in at 9.30 AM. We will have some delicious Bedouin tea and chat about our plans for the day and night. Once we finish the check-in, you will have a little bit of time for any final preparations. At 10 AM, we will set out into the stunning desert landscape for a day full of adventures.

Day 1 - In the morning

We will take a scenic jeep ride from our office to Um Mugur, passing through the beautiful red desert. Keep your camera ready to capture the stunning views. In the Um Mugur area, you will enjoy a delightful walk and scramble through a yellow sand canyon, which typically takes about 30-45 minutes. This canyon offers the opportunity to see various types of desert vegetation. As this is a walking-only canyon, your guide will drive around the mountain and meet you on the other side of the canyon. Afterward, we will continue our journey to Wadi Nuqra, where you can enjoy another hike. Your guide will drive to the end of the wadi and wait for you there. Enjoy climbing the dune, discovering the beauty of this part of our stunning desert, and marveling at the breathtaking scenery before we head toward Wadi Sabet.

Day 1 - Lunchtime

We venture further into the desert until we reach a tranquil and picturesque spot where we pause for a lunch break. Your guide prepares a freshly made Bedouin lunch right before our eyes. After the meal, you can rest or stroll to explore the surroundings at your own pace.

During the winter season, our daylight hours are limited, which means we will continue our journey right after lunch. Conversely, we have a prolonged break in the summer season to avoid the scorching midday heat.

Day 1 - In the afternoon

In the afternoon, we set out on a scenic drive to one of the most stunning viewpoints in Wadi Sabet. As we walk to a ridge, we discover old Bedouin storage places and take in the exquisite views over the wadi. Then we will head to Um Ghdah, where you can stretch your legs and embark on a hike through the canyon. While you traverse the canyon, your guide will drive to the end to wait for you there. Next, we will continue to Double bridge and marvel at its beauty. As the sun begins to set, we will make our way to Um Sabbath to witness the breathtaking sunset.

Day 1 - The overnight stay

We offer three choices for your overnight accommodation: a tent at our camp, outdoor sleeping near our camp, or outdoor sleeping at our ‘cave’. Visit our accommodations page to find detailed information for each option.

After the sun sets, we will take you to our camp or ‘cave’. At the campsite, you will get a brief introduction to the camp’s layout and operations, and we will show you to your tent or the outdoor sleeping area near the camp. At the ‘cave’, everything is clear and easy to understand. 

At both the camp and ‘cave’, we serve a traditional Bedouin dinner. After dinner, you are free to do what you please. Usually, our guests and guides sit together, and you can learn about Bedouin life, chat with others, or just marvel at the billions of stars and enjoy the peaceful desert silence.

Day 2 - In the morning

Whether you are staying at our campsite or at our ‘cave’, witnessing the sunrise is truly a remarkable experience. Feel free to inquire about places to view the sunrise and its timings. We are always happy to assist you.

Breakfast is served at 7 AM, after which we pack up and head back to Rum village. You will arrive at our office between 8 and 8.30 AM for check-out. We bid you farewell and wish you a safe journey ahead.

Prices of the Wadi Rum desert tour Wadi Sabet

1 person

JOD 90

2 persons

JOD 80
  • per person

3 persons

JOD 75
  • per person

4 persons

JOD 70
  • per person
If you are a group of five or more people, please contact us for a price quote.

Included, excluded, and extra charges​

Additional price information

Child discounts

When a child is accompanied by a full-paying adult, the child is eligible for a discounted rate. The number of adults in the group determines the price for adults.

Add-ons for the Wadi Rum desert tour Wadi Sabet

short camel rides

1-hour camel ride at the start

Embark on your desert adventure like a Bedouin by taking a relaxing camel ride from Rum village to Lawrence spring. Note that the check-in and start time remains unchanged.

1-hour camel ride at the end

Experience the authentic desert lifestyle and end your adventure like a Bedouin by taking a relaxing camel ride from a midpoint between our camp and Rum village. Please note that the check-out time will be extended by approximately one hour beyond the regular end time.

2-hour camel ride at the end

Experience the authentic desert lifestyle and end your adventure like a Bedouin by taking a relaxing camel ride all the way from our camp to Rum village. Please note that the check-out time will be extended by approximately two hours beyond the regular end time.


The cost for a 1-hour ride is 20 JOD per person, while a 2-hour ride costs 30 JOD per person.
Included are a camel handler and one camel per person.

full-day camel ride, including another overnight stay

Please refer to our add-on camel ride page to obtain comprehensive information and the prices of this option.

Overnight stay at our camp

For those who prefer a more relaxed start to their exploration of Wadi Rum or those who are traveling from further away places such as Madaba or Amman, an overnight stay before the tour is available. The check-in is at sunset.


The cost for this extra overnight stay is 30 JOD per person, and single travelers pay 40 JOD.
Included are the transfer from our office to our camp, dinner, breakfast, drinks, and the overnight stay.

What our guests say about the Wadi Rum desert tour Wadi Sabet

Had a fantastic tour with an overnight stay in a Bedouin camp. Our English-speaking guide stopped at various beautiful spots and viewpoints and also explained everything about Wadi Rum to us. Along the way you will have a delicious lunch and after sunset you will arrive at the camp with a beautiful sanitary building and in the evening you will have a delicious dinner in the large tent while you enjoy the fireplace and enjoy the stars outside... you sleep in a double tent, where you simply lie on a bed and after a tasty breakfast you drive back to the village. What a great day and fun experience this was!
Patricia, Dutch
Reviewed on Google, January 2024
Belongs on every Jordan bucket list! Our recommendation: definitely plan more time for Wadi Rum and time with the nomads (and less time in Petra, for example...). We opted for the one-day jeep tour with an overnight stay under the stars and it was magical and unique! A big thank you to our guide Raed, who took us through the desert and to unique photo spots and also cooked really well. His future wife will be very happy with his skills :) The camp itself is superbly equipped and beautifully designed with great attention to detail. The little house with the washrooms was very clean - nothing like the 4-star hotels we had stayed in before. Ali's dinner and Nawaf's stories rounded off the day so nicely. We can really recommend anyone to spend time with the Nomads. Bianca's organization was perfect and we knew from the beginning what to expect and what to consider. We felt so comfortable at the Nomads and will never forget our time there, also because we got engaged there! Thank you dear team for making this day so perfect!!
Christina, Austrian
Reviewed on Google, November 2023

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