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Wadi Rum jeep tour

1 day and 1 night

On this web page, you find all the information about the 1 day and 1 night Wadi Rum jeep tour. We start with the short tour description, followed by a list of sites that we plan to visit. Then we dive into the details of the trip and the options for the overnight stay. In the price section, you find the prices, a list of included and excluded, additional price information, and possible extensions. Afterward, we share a few of the testimonials of our guests and helpful information for your preparation. Lastly, we share links to our other tours.

Tour description

With one day and one night to spend in Wadi Rum, this jeep tour, including an overnight stay in the desert, is a great option to get to know the beauty of our homeland. During the day you visit some of the most famous sites in the protected area. We use a jeep to cover the distances between the places. And at each location, there is time to explore, hike, scramble, climb and enjoy. At lunchtime, we serve you a Bedouin meal. Afterward, we continue the tour. The last place we visit is in Um Sabatah, where we watch the sunset. Altogether, this day is an active day full of variety in the stunningly beautiful Wadi Rum desert. After sunset, we drive to our camp or our cave where you can enjoy a traditional Bedouin dinner and will stay overnight. The next morning after breakfast, we return to Rum village.

Wadi Rum sites included in this tour

Lawrence spring is one of the most famous natural springs. From the spring, you can enjoy mesmerizing views over Wadi Rum.

The dune near Khazali canyon is one of the countless dunes with fantastic views over Wadi Rum.

In the small and narrow Khazali canyon, you can see ancient inscriptions and drawings from different times.

Little bridge is an easy to climb natural rock bridge with again stunning views over Wadi Rum.

Lawrence house is one of the few places in Wadi Rum that reminders of Lawrence of Arabia, who was so important in our countries history.

Mushroom rock is one of the famous, solitary, unusual rock formations.

Burdah rock bridge is one of the highest rock bridges in the world. We marvel at it from the valley floor. If you want to climb and scramble up the arch, you can join our Burdah rock bridge tour.

Abu Khashaba is a surprisingly green canyon with red and yellow sand sections. The canyon offers the opportunity for a fun walk and scramble.

The most photographed site of Wadi Rum is Um Fruth rock bridge. A steep but doable climb leads up to the bridge.

Um Sabatah is one of the best places to enjoy the sunset in Wadi Rum.

More information on these sites can be found on the Wadi Rum desert sites page.

The detailed tour plan

Day 1 - Meeting point and start time

We meet each at our office in Rum village for the check-in. We enjoy a Bedouin tea and talk about what we have in mind for the day and night. After finishing our drink, there is time for the final preparations. Afterward, we leave Rum village to go out into the desert.
During summertime (daylight saving time), the tour starts at 10 AM (check-in at 9.30 AM), and during wintertime, the tour begins at 9 AM (check-in at 8.30 AM).

Day 1 - In the morning

A short ride brings us to the natural spring called Lawrence spring. You scramble up the mountain site to the spring from where you enjoy the spectacular views of Wadi Rum. We continue our drive and head to the nearby red dune. Here you can climb the dune, enjoy more stunning views, and enjoy running down. Our next stop is Khazali canyon, which is famous for the ancient inscriptions and waterholes. Another short drive brings us to the first rock bridge of the day, Little bridge. We scramble up the bridge and enjoy the marvelous valley views. The last site we visit in the morning is the Lawrence house.

Day 1 - Lunchtime

We drive further into the desert to a quiet and picturesque place where we take our lunch break. Your guide prepares a Bedouin lunch for you on the spot. After lunch, there is time to take a rest or walk around to explore the area on your own.
Note that during wintertime, we continue the tour right after lunch as the days are short. During summertime, we take an extended break to wait for the heat of the day to go.

Day 1 - In the afternoon

We start the afternoon with a beautiful drive to the Mushroom rock. We make a short stop before continuing our ride through the yellow desert to the point from where we can see the Burdah rock bridge. We take time to admire the rock bridge. Then we ride to the surprisingly green and narrow Abu Khashaba canyon. You walk through the canyon. This delightful walk takes about half an hour to 45 minutes. Your guide drives around to wait for you on the other side of the canyon. Another short drive takes us to Um Fruth rock bridge. A short but challenging scramble takes you up the bridge. As the sun starts to set quickly now, we head to Um Sabatah, where we watch the sunset.

Day 1 - The overnight stay

For your overnight stay, we offer three options.

  • sleeping in a tent in our camp, Wadi Rum Base Camp
    our camp is open year-round
  • sleeping outdoors near our camp, Wadi Rum Base Camp
    available from March until November if the weather allows
  • sleeping outdoors in our ‘cave’, the so-call overnight stay ‘sleeping under the stars’ or ‘bivouac camping’
    available during July, August, and September if the weather permits (read on our page about bivouac camping why this option is only available during a few months a year)

Overnight stay in Wadi Rum Base Camp

After the sunset, we bring you to our camp. You get a quick explanation about ‘what is where’ and ‘how our camp works’ so that you can feel at home right-way. In the communal tent, we serve you a traditional Bedouin dinner. There is no set program during the evening. You can be spent in the communal tent, or, during warm days, in the outside sitting area. We can tell you about Bedouin culture and music, you can talk with other guests, or you can gaze into the starry night sky and enjoy the peaceful silence of the desert.

Overnight stay 'sleeping under the stars' (bivouac camping)

bivouac camping - sleeping under the stars in Wadi Rum

After the sunset, we go to our ‘cave’ where we stay overnight. While you enjoy the stunning views from our ‘cave’ and see the nightfall (who spots the first star?), your guide cooks you a traditional Bedouin dinner. You can spend the evening sitting and chatting around the firepit. We can tell you about Bedouin culture and music, you can talk with other guests, or you can gaze into the starry night sky and enjoy the peaceful silence of the desert.

Day 2 - In the morning

It is worth checking when the sun will rise (you can ask us too). Whether you sleep in our camp, near our camp, or in our ‘cave’, the sunrise is something you don’t want to miss. You can ask us for the best places where you can watch the sunrise. At 7 AM, breakfast is ready for you. Afterward, we pack our things and return to Rum village. You arrive at our office between 8 and 8.30 AM. After the check-out, we say goodbye, and you can continue your journey.

Prices of the Wadi Rum jeep tour

1 day and 1 night
1 person
2-3 persons
65JD per person
4-5 persons
60JD per person
6 and more persons
available on request


  • a Bedouin guide for the whole day jeep tour
  • a jeep
  • lunch, dinner and breakfast
  • drinks (tea and botlled water throughout the day)
  • the overnight stay in our camp, Wadi Rum Base Camp


  • the entrance fee for Wadi Rum (to pay at the visitor centre - when you travel with the Jordan Pass entrance is for free)
  • souvenirs
  • tipping for the guide and cook (at your courtesy)

Additional price information

  • A surcharge of 15 JD per person is applicable if you choose the option of ‘sleeping under the stars’ (bivouac camping) for your overnight stay.
  • The prices are based on shared touring. Our minimum group size is two persons, and our maximum group size is eight persons.
  • The surcharge for a private tour is available on request. Please fill out our contact form with your request. Note that for groups of eight or more persons, we offer private tours without a surcharge being applicable.
  • Departures for one person are available upon request and are subject to a surcharge.
  • We determine your price based on the number of people that are in your booking.

We have the following discounts for children:

  • under the age of 3, 75% discount on the adult price
  • under the age of 6, 50% discount on the adult price
  • under the age of 12, 25% discount on the adult price

Possible extensions

Camel ride

You can extend this tour with a 1- or 2-hour camel ride at the start or end of this tour.
A 1-hour camel ride costs 20 JD per person
A 2-hour camel ride costs 30 JD per person
The prices include:
a camel guide and one camel per person

Extra overnight stay (pre-night)

You can extend this tour with an extra overnight stay in our camp (the night before the tour starts).
A ‘pre-night’ costs 30 JD per person
Single travelers pay a 10 JD surcharge
The price includes: dinner, breakfast, drinks, the overnight stay in our camp, and the transfer from our office to our camp

What our guests say

Helpful information

Booking and payment

You can easily book via our website. Choose 'BOOK' from our main menu or use one of the booking buttons on this page to go to our booking form. As for the payment, you can finish the payment upon arrival. Note that we only accept payment by cash (Jordanian Dinars). And please be reminded that Rum village has no ATM and credit card facilities. Make sure to bring money from cities like Aqaba, Petra, Amman or Madaba.

Reaching and departing Wadi Rum

We want to make things easy for you! When you come by car, we provide you with detailed travel directions. You receive those after booking. When you rely on a combination of public transport and taxi transfers, we recommend having a look at our 'Getting there and away'-page. On this page, you find information about coming from and going to Amman, Petra, and Aqaba. Are you coming from another place? Contact us for the available travel options. Lastly, if we can help you out by arranging taxi transfer(s), you can let us know when filling out the booking form.

Wadi Rum map

Have a look at the map of Wadi Rum to get a better understanding of what is located where.

Luggage handling

The available space for luggage in the jeeps is limited. Therefore make sure to pack all the things you need during the tour and overnight stay in a small backpack — baggage that you don’t need you can store in your car or our office.

Checklist what to bring

Visiting the desert is a special and unique experience. Coming prepared ensures a careless time. Therefore made a list of essentials which, according to us, should be included on your packing list. Have a look at our ‘what to bring’ list for our recommendations.

What to wear

Wadi Rum desert is a harsh place. Endless sunshine, high and low temperatures, wind, blowing dust, we have it all. We can imagine that you wonder what is best to wear in the desert. Therefore we wrote down our ideas for you. Come prepared by reading our webpage ‘what to wear’.

Wadi Rum weather

The winters in Wadi Rum are cold, and July and August are the warm months. But what is hot and what is cold? Read our page about the weather in Wadi Rum to learn more about our seasons. Or check out our blog posts (the links are available on the weather page).

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