Guests walking wadi nuqra during a trekking

Wadi Rum trekking – 9 days & 8 nights

Trekking introduction

If you really like trekking and getting to know an area very well this 9-day Wadi Rum trekking program is for you. During this trekking you:

  • walk through the red and yellow desert
  • see beautifully shaped mountains
  • pass through remote valleys
  • enjoy stunning views
  • visit famous sites
  • climb rock bridges
  • learn about Bedouin culture
  • experience Bedouin life
  • sleep under the stars

If you prefer to have a camel accompany us to carry your luggage for the day we can arrange this for you.

Wadi Rum desert sites included in this trekking

  • Seven Pillars of Wisdom
  • Um Salab
  • Wadi Um Ishrin
  • Burrah canyon
  • Mushroom rock
  • Burdah rock bridge
  • Um Gharisha
  • Jabal Al-Hash
  • Wadi Nuqra
  • Jabal Um Ad Dami
  • Wadi Sabet
  • Um Ghdah
  • Um Ashaman
  • Bedouin dam
  • Um Sabatah
  • Um Fruth rock bridge
  • Khashkhasha canyon
  • Khazali canyon

More information on the mayor sites can be found on the Wadi Rum desert sites page.

Scenic Wadi Rum desert

The trekking program

Day 1 – Trekking from the visitor centre to Burrah canyon

At 10 AM we meet each other in the visitor centre. From here we start our trekking. We first head for Um Salab. While on our way, we can admire the famous mountain called Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Once we get close to Um Salab we change our course and head for the beautiful Wadi Um Ishrin. Around lunch time we go to a quiet and shady place. We take a few hours break. Like we will do every day. We prepare you a Bedouin lunch. After we finish our lunch there is time to take a rest or walk around to explore the area on your own.

In the afternoon we continue our trekking and soon leave beautiful Wadi Um Ishrin. We have plenty of time to watch the beautifully shaped mountains. We walk through beautiful canyons to the south side of Burrah canyon where we stay overnight in a cave. We cook you a traditional Bedouin dinner. The evening can be spent around the fire. We can tell you about Bedouin culture and music or you can gaze into the starry night sky and enjoy the peaceful silence of the desert.

Day 2 – Trekking from Burrah canyon to Jabal Burdah

Like the coming days you can wake up to the rising sun or you can wake up earlier to see the sunrise. We prepare you breakfast. After breakfast, we head to Mushroom rock. We make a short stop to watch this wind-shaped rock. We continue our walk all the way to Jabal Burdah. Here we take our lunch break.

In the afternoon we climb up to Burdah rock bridge via one of the Bedouin roads. The climb is not so difficult. In a number of places, you might want to use your hands. And close to the bridge are the most difficult areas. For safety reasons, we use ropes here. At the top, you have a fantastic view over Wadi Rum desert. After taking the time to enjoy the views we start our descent. We walk to the south side of Jabal Burdah and stay overnight in this area.

Day 3 – Trekking from Jabal Burdah to Jabal Al-Hash

Once our stomaches are filled with another breakfast we start today’s program. In the morning we leave the Burdah area and walk to less visited Um Gharisha. Here we enjoy the spectacular big valley views. At a nice and quiet place, we have our lunch break. We prepare you lunch and we take the time to relax.

In the afternoon we leave Um Gharisha and start to walk towards Jabal Al-Hash. While on our way, we pass through yellow sand valleys dotted with desert vegetation. Near Jabal Al-Hash we have dinner and stay overnight in a cave.

Day 4 – Trekking from Jabal Al-Hash to Jabal Um Ad Dami

After breakfast, we start our first climb, Jabal Al-Hash. This climb is easy. The views of both the north and the south of Wadi Sabet are stunning. This hike also gives you a unique opportunity to discover fossils on top of the mountain. After taking our time to enjoy the views we start our descend towards Wadi Nuqra. Here we take our lunch break.

In the afternoon we have a relaxing program. At a comfortable pace, we walk through the surprisingly green Wadi Nuqra to Jabal Um Ad Dami. We prepare you a dinner and stay overnight in a cave.

Day 5 – Trekking from Jabal Um Ad Dami to Wadi Sabet

Today we climb our second mountain, Jabal Um Ad Dami. The top is 1,854 meters above sea level which makes it our country’s highest mountain. On the way up we have the opportunity to see wildlife. Foxes, rabbits and gazelles are spotted here frequently. From the top, you have the best view on the desert of Wadi Rum. Additionally, you can see parts of the Saudi Arabian desert on the horizon and also the Red Sea’s blue waters. After taking our time to enjoy the views we start our descend. Ones we are back on the valley floor it is time to take today’s our lunch break.

In the afternoon we explore the big Wadi Sabet. In the past Bedouin organised camel races in this valley. Of course, we take plenty of time to enjoy the valley views. Tonight we have dinner and stay overnight in this valley.

Day 6 – Trekking from Wadi Sabet to Um Ashaman

This morning we leave Wadi Sabet and walk to lovely Um Ghdah. Um Ghdah is a small canyon dotted with trees. Here we look for a nice and quiet place to have lunch. After lunch, you can explore this canyon some more by yourself.

When it is time to go we head to the double bridge called Um Ashaman. Of course, we take the time to climb the double bridge. It is close to the ground and easy to climb. Tonight we have dinner and overnight close to the double bridge.

Day 7 – Trekking from Um Ashaman to Um Sabatah

This morning we do another beautiful walk. Our destination for today is Um Sabatah. On the way there we visit one of the Bedouin dams. This is also the place where we have our lunch break.

In the afternoon we continue our walk to the red desert of Um Sabatah. Around sunset time we arrive at an excellent place to enjoy the sun setting over Wadi Rum desert. Dinner and overnight is also in Um Sabatah.

Day 8 – Trekking from Um Sabatah to Khashkhasha canyon

We leave the red desert and walk to Um Fruth rock bridge. You can climb this bridge and enjoy the views of this part of Wadi Rum desert. Nearby we find ourselves a good place to have lunch and relax.

In the afternoon we leave the Um Fruth area. We pass by some stunningly beautiful places as we are on our way to today’s destination Khashkhasha canyon. In this beautiful place, you can enjoy one more sunset while we prepare you another Bedouin dinner. We enjoy our last night under the starry night sky.

Day 9 – Trekking from Khashkhasha canyon to Rum village

Wake up in time to enjoy your final Wadi Rum sunrise. After breakfast, we break up and start our walk to Khazali canyon. We enter the canyon to go and see the ancient inscriptions and the water hole. Nearby the canyon we find ourselves a shady and quiet place. Here we stay for a few hours and have lunch.

In the afternoon we walk to Rum village. We arrive here around 3 PM. From here you can continue your journey. Of course, we can help you to arrange transportation to your next destination.

Prices 9-day Wadi Rum trekking + overnight stays ‘sleeping under the stars’

  • 2 persons

  • JD630 per person
  • This price includes a Bedouin trekking guide, a cook, a jeep, all mentioned meals, drinks and sleeping equipment.
    Excluded souvenirs and tipping.
  • 3 persons

  • JD585per person
  • This price includes a Bedouin trekking guide, a cook, a jeep, all mentioned meals, drinks and sleeping equipment.
    Excluded souvenirs and tipping.
  • 4 persons

  • JD540per person
  • This price includes a Bedouin trekking guide, a cook, a jeep, all mentioned meals, drinks and sleeping equipment.
    Excluded souvenirs and tipping.

Our trekking prices are based on shared touring. Our maximum group size during the tour is ten persons. For bivouac camping, the maximum group size also is ten persons. We determine your price based on the number of people who are in your booking.

Group rates and private trekking

Prices for five or more persons are available on request.
Prices for a private trekking are also available on request.
Please contact us with your request.

We want to make things easy for you. Therefore we created a webpage with information on how to reach and depart Wadi Rum from Amman, Petra, and Aqaba. Further, we offer our guests the service of arranging taxi transfer. Please contact us for the transfer rates.

Visiting the desert is a special, and unique experience. Coming prepared ensures a careless time. Therefore made a list of essentials which, according to us, should be included on your packing list. Have a look at our ‘what to bring’ list, for our recommendations.

The desert is a harsh place. Endless sunshine, high and low temperatures, wind, blowing dust, we have it all.  We can imagine that you wonder what is best to wear in the desert. Therefore we wrote down our ideas for you. Come prepared by reading our webpage ‘what to wear’.

The available space for luggage in the jeeps is limited. Therefore make sure to pack all things you need during the tour and overnight stay in a small backpack. Luggage which you don’t need you can store in your car or our office.

You can finish payment with us upon arrival. Note that we only accept payment by cash Jordanian Dinars. And please be reminded that Rum village has no ATM and credit card facilities. Make sure to bring money from cities like Aqaba, Petra, Amman or Madaba.