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Spark your Dream; the Zapp family in Wadi Rum

the zapp family enjoying in wadi rum

Recently we got a phone call from a friend. The Zapp family arrived in Jordan and wants to visit Wadi Rum. If we can welcome them to Wadi Rum and show them around, that would be great. Of course, we want that! Just a few days ago, they left Wadi Rum, and we already miss them a lot. The Zapp family, a remarkable family who sparked us with their dream.

Who are the Zapp's?

Herman, Candelaria, Pampa, Tehue, Paloma, and Wallaby are the members of the Zapp family. Herman and Candelaria started to chase their dream of traveling 15 years ago. They left everything and everybody behind to begin their journey from Argentina to Alaska. In their fantastic old-timer, a 1928 Graham-Paige. After completing this journey and having their first son Pampa, they traveled all around their home country, Argentina. Here Tehue was born. Their next destinations were The States and Canada. Vancouver Island is the place of birth of their daughter Paloma. Then they went ‘down under’ to Australia where Wallaby was born. After circling Australia, they toured around both New Zealand islands. A journey through 13 countries in Asia followed. Africa was next, and now after 3,5 years, they left Africa. They are on their way to Europa and arrived in Jordan last week.

Wadi Rum Zapp style

We are the lucky ones as the Zapp family choose us to be their hosts in Wadi Rum. Of course, we take Macando, as they call their car, along with us on our desert adventure. It is not only their means of transportation but also their home. By now, their Graham Paige is 87 years old. Back then, cars were built for driving on unsealed roads. So, it is fit for use in the desert. Seeing a car like theirs driving in the desert is an extraordinary sight. 

For the Zapp’s no standard tours. They like to explore places at their own pace. They love to be in nature and enjoy climbing mountains and exploring canyons. And seeing the beautiful coloring around sunset time is another favorite. Of course, they have camera’s with them to capture beautiful moments and places. So, for a couple of days, we cruise around the desert to lesser-visited parts where they can do what they love most. 

We have great memories of Herman’s lovely, cheerful breakfasts, and together we enjoyed some of the typical Bedouin dishes too. We even could attend a big family dinner together. We had a great evenings; talking, making music, and taking stunningly beautiful photos. And of course, they stayed overnight under the starry night sky. How much the children liked their ‘balcony’ in the ‘billion stars boutique hotel’!

Going places and meeting new people

The Zapp’s are very enthusiastic about every site that they visit. To us, that seems unique as they already saw so many places. You would think, at a certain point, you cannot be amazed anymore. But they are amazed, every time again. Herman explained this very beautifully. He told us that they never compare places. As all sites are unique and, therefore, cannot be compared. They enjoy every place for its beauty.

Still, people are more relevant to them than the places. Over the years, they met thousands and thousands of people, people of all kinds, races, and religions. They were invited to their homes and into their lives. We love their saying, ‘In the end, we are all the same. People may look different and pray differently, but we all have the same dream. To have a home and someone to love’.

Herman, Candelaria, Pampa, Tehue, Paloma, and Wallaby, we loved to be part of your sparkling lives for a few days. Thank you for letting us be part of your dream for a while. Thanks for all the joy you guys bring along. We will cherish our great time together forever. We love you guys. Safe travels! And we hope to meet again.

If you want to know more about the Zapp’s or their inspiring book ‘Spark your Dream’, please visit the Zapp family website or their Facebook page.

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