Beautiful Wadi Rum desert
Spring flowers in Wadi Rum desert

5 reasons why you should visit Wadi Rum desert in spring

5 reasons why you should visit Wadi Rum desert in spring

Imagine you are in one of the most beautiful deserts on our planet. The sun is rising on a spring day. And you are scrambling up to a spring with one of the most beautiful views you have ever seen. The sky is clear and people are few. Silently you enjoy the stunning scenic view. You grab your camera to capture the beauty of this moment and place. Touched by what you just experienced you scramble down. You realise that this is only the beginning of your extraordinary day in Wadi Rum desert.

There are so many reasons why it is worth to visit Wadi Rum desert in spring. In this blog, we will give you 5. And we will provide you with a special offer to consider.

#1 Low season: having the desert almost to yourself

Wadi Rum desert has two periods a year which are considered to be low season. The cold season from December till the end of February. And the hot season from June till mid-September. During these periods the number of visitors drops. Because of the decrease in numbers, you are likely to have the desert to yourself most of the day.

#2 Green plants and lots of flowers

Wadi Rum desert is one of the driest places on earth. Therefore you would not expect to end up in valleys filled with green desert plants. But you most definitely will during springtime. Because after the rare winter rains, the plants rapidly turn green. And soon after, they will flower. Covering the valley floors with beautiful violet and yellow carpets.

#3 Nice and pleasant daytime temperatures

Springtime is also the period of pleasant temperatures. The winter cold is gone, and the summer heat is months away. With temperatures anywhere between 15 and 25 degrees and 8 to 9 hours of sun, it is lovely to go on a tour in the desert.

#4 Clear skies: the dream of every photographer

In areas like Wadi Rum, a clear sky can make the difference between a view being beautiful and mesmerising. During springtime, the dust is limited and bright skies are plenty. Which makes this the ideal time to visit for photographers.

#5 Easier to enjoy both sunrise and sunset

Enjoying both sunrise and sunset in Wadi Rum can be challenging. But during spring you can enjoy both. You don’t have to get up ‘in the middle of the night’ to enjoy the sunrise as the sun rises around 6.30 AM. And in, for example, February, the sun sets around 5 PM.

Special offer: 1 day Wadi Rum jeep tour spring edition

In February and March, we offer a special spring edition of our 1-day jeep tour. Of course, we will visit famous sites like Lawrence spring, Khazali canyon and Um Fruth rock bridge. But we leave out a few other places. Which gives us time to go and visit areas that are particularly beautiful during spring. Like Um Mugur and Al-Tak.

If you go on this special jeep tour with us in February, we offer you a discount of 10,00 JD per person. More information and conditions can be found on the ‘Wadi Rum jeep tour spring edition‘-page.

See you in Wadi Rum desert,

Team Wadi Rum Nomads

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