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Wadi Rum camel ride 1 day and 1 night

1 day and 1 night Wadi Rum camel ride

On this page, we share all the information about the 1-day and 1-night Wadi Rum camel ride and other helpful information related to booking and preparing yourself. Altogether it is quite a lot. But, we promise, you will know all there is to know to make an informed decision.

Table of Contents

Tour description Wadi Rum camel ride

A camel ride is one of the best ways to experience Wadi Rum, like a Bedouin. For Bedouin, the camel is Ata Allah, the gift of God. These ‘ships of the desert’ allowed our ancestors to cover long distances in the harsh desert environment.

During this whole day ride, we ride around in the area close to Rum village. Along the way, we visit some of the famous sites. At these places, we take a break, and you can explore the sites. At lunchtime, we take a break to enjoy lunch and rest in the shade. The camel ride ends at the camp at 6 PM or around sunset time if the sun sets earlier than 6 PM.

Keep in mind that the camel handler’s English often is limited. Of course, there are team members at the office and camp who speak English well. They can help you out with anything that you need, and they can answer any question that you might have.

Important notices:

  • Please be aware that riding a camel the whole day is a physical challenge that often leaves those untrained with moderate to severe muscle aches in the upper legs and sometimes pain in the butt or back. If you think this might be you, we recommend joining one of our other tours and adding a one or two-hour camel ride to get a taste of camel riding.
  • Children under the age of 7 cannot participate in a full-day camel ride.

Wadi Rum sites included in this ride

guests on a wadi rum camel ride stopping at a site

You can find more information about these sites on the Wadi Rum desert sites page. And hereafter, in the detailed Wadi Rum camel ride plan, you see pictures of all the sites.

The detailed Wadi Rum camel ride plan

Day 1 - Meeting point and start time

We will meet at our office in Rum village for the check-in at 9.30 AM. We enjoy Bedouin tea and talk about what we have in mind for the day and night. After finishing our drink, there is time for the final preparations. Afterward, at 10 AM, we leave Rum village to go out into the desert.

Day 1 - In the morning

First, you get a quick introduction on how to mount and ride a camel. After that, we depart Rum village and ride into the desert and head to Wadi Um Ishrin. We ride through this beautiful canyon and continue to the nearby Al-Hasany red dune. This dune is the highest one in Wadi Rum. We take a break from the camel riding, and you can stretch your legs by climbing the dune and enjoy running down. Then we mount our camels  again to ride to the big rock wall called Anfishiyyeh. There we make a stop to see the inscriptions and drawings made by the Thamudics and Nabateans.

Day 1 - Lunchtime

We ride further into the desert to a quiet and picturesque place where we take our lunch break. Your guide has packed lunches with him. After lunch, there is time to take a rest or walk around to explore the area on your own.

Because of the days being short during wintertime, we continue the tour right after lunch. Likewise, during summertime, we take an extended break to wait for the heat of the day to go.

Day 1 - In the afternoon

We start our afternoon by riding to the Lawrence house. You can see the house and climb the rock formation behind to enjoy the view. Next, we ride to Little bridge. Again we take a break. We scramble up the bridge and enjoy the panoramic views of Wadi Rum. Then we continue to Khazali canyon, our last stop of the day. Here you can see ancient inscriptions and waterholes. Afterward, we ride to our camp. We arrive there around 6 PM or if the sunset is earlier, around sunset time. You can look up at what time the sun will set on your preferred tour date on the website timeanddate.com.

Day 1 - The overnight stay

For your overnight stay, we offer two options.

Sleeping in a tent in our camp
Wadi Rum Base Camp

If you prefer a comfortable night in a bed, our cozy camp is the place for you. Check out our camp page to read more about our home in the desert.
Our camp is open year-round

Sleeping outdoors near
Wadi Rum Base Camp

Are you looking for an comfortable but also unique overnight stay? Have the comfort of the camp and sleep under the billions of stars by booking this option.
Available from 1 March until 30 November

Overnight stay in Wadi Rum Base Camp

Once in our camp, you get a quick explanation about what is where, how our camp works, and we show you where you will be sleeping (your tent or outside sleeping spot near our camp). All so that you can feel at home right-way.

In the communal tent, we serve you a traditional Bedouin dinner. There is no set program during the evening. You can spend time in the communal tent, or, during warm days, in the outside sitting area. We can tell you about Bedouin culture and music, you can talk with other guests, or you can gaze into the starry night sky and enjoy the peaceful silence of the desert.

Day 2 - In the morning

It is worth checking when the sun will rise (you can ask us too). Whether you sleep in our camp or near our camp, the sunrise is something you don’t want to miss. You can ask us for the best places where you can watch the sunrise. At 7 AM, breakfast is ready for you. Afterward, we pack our things and return to Rum village. You arrive at our office between 8 and 8.30 AM. After the check-out, we say goodbye, and you can continue your journey.

Prices of the Wadi Rum camel ride

1 person

JOD 100

2 persons

JOD 90
  • per person

3 persons

JOD 85
  • per person

4 persons

JOD 80
  • per person

Prices for groups of 5 and more persons are available on request. You can use our contact form to ask about the price.

Included and excluded

Additional price information for the Wadi Rum camel ride

Please note that children under the age of 7 cannot take part in a full-day camel ride.

Possible extensions for the Wadi Rum camel ride

Extra overnight stay

If getting up early to travel to Wadi Rum is not your cup of tea, you can book an extra overnight stay before the tour starts. The check-in is at our office in Rum village at sunset time. Afterward, we bring you to our camp for the overnight stay.

The extra overnight stay costs 30 JOD per person. Single travelers pay a 10 JOD surcharge.

The price includes dinner, breakfast, drinks, the overnight stay in our camp, and the transfer from our office to our camp.

What our guests say about the Wadi Rum camel ride

Best “staff” you’ll ever meet! Very beautiful human beings with whom you can sit and talk for hours or just share a nice silence around the fire (with a cup of tasty sweet tea).
I spent there two nights and one day on a camel (be prepared to have a back or leg ache after that) and enjoyed every second of it. I can’t wait to come back there and spend a whole week there!
Probably one of the most wholesome and peaceful experiences I’ve ever had.

Christine, France

Reviewed on Tripadvisor, January 2022

We did a camel day tour and spent the night outside under the stars in Wadi Rum. Thanks to Fawaz and Bianca and their team the tour was a wonderful experience (and also that we were almost alone in Wadi Rum). Wadi Rum is surely one of the most beautiful places on earth and brings mind and soul in harmony. Also the ethic of the company towards protecting the desert through minimalistic impact is worth supporting. We can’t recommend enough Wadi Rum Nomads and hope to be back in a near future.

Marco, Swiss

Reviewed on Tripadvisor, April 2021

We had a fantastic full day on camelback! Concerns about whether to go by jeep instead, were put completely at rest after the first 10 minutes where the calm pace of our camels made you take in the spectacular scenery in the most authentic way possible. Yes, our legs and behinds were a little sore the following day, but it was worth it. Wadi Rum Nomads staff were very helpful, polite and knowledgeable about all questions we had and no extra charge for arranging the taxi transfer to and from Aqaba were an added bonus. We have only good things to say about this company, so do not hesitate to go with them!

Louise, Denmark

Reviewed on Tripadvisor, March 2019

Do you want to read other reviews? You find many more reviews on our Tripadvisor account page and on Google.

Helpful information

Booking and payment

You can easily book via our website. Choose 'BOOK' from our main menu, or click one of the booking buttons on this page to go to our booking form. You can finish the payment upon arrival. Keep in mind that we only accept payment by cash (Jordanian Dinars). Furthermore, be reminded that Rum village has no ATM and credit card facilities. Therefore make sure to bring money from cities like Aqaba, Petra, Amman or Madaba.

Reaching and departing Wadi Rum

We want to make things easy for you! If you come by car, we provide you with detailed travel directions. You receive those after booking. In case you rely on a combination of public transport and taxi transfers, we recommend having a look at our 'Getting there and away'-page. On this page, you find information about coming from and going to Amman, Petra, and Aqaba. If you are coming from another place, you can contact us for the available travel options. Last but not least, if we can help you out by arranging taxi transfer(s), you can let us know when filling out the booking form.

Luggage handling

In general the available space for luggage in the jeeps is limited. Therefore make sure to pack all the things you need during the tour and overnight stay in a small backpack. Additionally, baggage that you don’t need you can store in your car or our office.

Checklist what to bring

Visiting the desert is a special and unique experience. Coming prepared ensures a carefree time. Therefore we made a list of essentials that, according to us, should be included on your packing list. Thus, have a look at our ‘what to bring’ list for our recommendations.

What to wear

Wadi Rum desert is a harsh place. Endless sunshine, wind, blowing dust, high and low temperatures, we have it all. We can imagine that you wonder what is best to wear in the desert. Therefore we wrote down our ideas for you. Without a doubt reading our webpage ‘what to wear’ will be helpful.

Wadi Rum weather

The winters in Wadi Rum are cold, and July and August are the warm months. But what is hot and what is cold? Read our page about the weather in Wadi Rum to learn more about our seasons. And you can also check out our blog posts about the seasons ( links are available on the weather page).

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