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What to bring

What kind of things do you need to bring along for your stay in the desert? That is a good question that we receive over and over again. Wadi Rum is a desert. A place of extremes. And a place where you will be away from civilization. We take care of things like food, drinks, and the equipment needed for an overnight stay. For you, our guest(s), we made a list of recommendations for which items should also be on your packing list.

Our recommendations for your packing list

For the day

For the overnight stay

Luggage handling

In general the available space for luggage in the jeeps is limited. Therefore make sure to pack all the things you need during the tour and overnight stay in a small backpack. Additionally, baggage that you don’t need you can store in your car or our office.

We have a separate page about what to wear in the desert. So, if you are not sure what kind of clothes and shoes to bring, have a look at that page too.