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Options for your overnight stay in Wadi Rum​

We have two locations for your overnight experience: our cozy camp and our unique ‘cave’, both situated in the Wadi Rum protected area. You can browse through our pages to discover more about sleeping in a tent at our camp, sleeping outside near our camp, and sleeping outside at our ‘cave’. Additionally, you will find several photos on these pages that will help you to envision your night in the desert.

Wadi Rum Base Camp

Experiencing the Wadi Rum is incomplete without spending one or more nights sleeping in the desert. If you prefer a touch of comfort with a Bedouin ambiance, our campsite offers a charming, cozy, and comfortable stay. Discover more about our Bedouin-style home away from home.

Our 'cave'

Imagine spending a night under a sky full of billions of stars, surrounded by nothing but nature. Our ‘cave’ offers a back-to-basics experience that is bound to awaken your adventurous spirit. If you are looking for something unique, bivouac camping is the perfect choice.