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5 pictures you want to take in Wadi Rum desert

picture of khaskhasha canyon you want to take in wadi rum

We always advise our guests to bring enough charged batteries and memory cards for their cameras. The reason for the charged batteries is simple. Unless you have a solar charger, there is no way to charge your batteries in the desert. We prefer you to see as much as possible of our stunningly beautiful desert with your own eyes. But we do understand you want to take pictures to memorize our beautiful desert. The remark of not having enough memory cards to store all the photos is one we hear a lot. This week we share five favorite places to take pictures in Wadi Rum. Whether you have an SLR camera, a compact camera, or a smartphone, everybody can take beautiful pictures here.

Lawrence spring – Ain Abu Aineh

Lawrence spring is named after the British army officer T.E. Lawrence. You can read more about this in our blog ‘Confusion about the real Lawrence spring cleared‘. Lawrence spring is a natural spring located only three kilometer south-west of Rum village. It gives fresh water to the local Bedouin families. A short scramble over the rock brings you to the fig tree. Next to the tree, you find the spring. Whether you make a picture for the spring itself or of the stunning view over Wadi Rum, both are just fabulous. The best time to take pictures here is in the early morning or the late afternoon.

Lawrence spring in Wadi Rum desert

Khazali canyon

Khazali canyon is one of the most popular canyons in Wadi Rum. The less than 100 meters deep canyon is small and shady, which means pleasant temperatures during summer. A couple of fig trees mark the entrance of this pretty canyon. The main reasons to visit are the Nabatean and Thamudic inscriptions. The inscriptions cover the walls at different heights with stylized drawings of people, horses, and pairs of feet.
Additionally, the Nabateans built a water hole here to collect the rain in the winter season. In our blog ‘3 reasons why Khazali should be on your tour itinerary‘, you can read more about Khazali canyon. Inside the canyon, you can take pictures from the angle you prefer. In the early morning and the late afternoon, a flashlight might come in handy.

Khazali canyon in Wadi Rum desert

Red sand dune

Wadi Rum desert is dotted with dunes. Both yellow and red. The highest dune is in Wadi Um Ishrin. But we prefer to visit the one near Khazali canyon. For two reasons. This dune is easy to climb via the rocks. So, you will have plenty of energy to enjoy the beautiful valley views. And to run down the dune. You can take pictures of the intense red of the dune and the deep blue of the sky above. Or you can take a picture of the red dune and Jabal Rum and Jabal Um Ishrin. One of our favorites. The best time to take pictures here is during the morning.

Red sand dune in Wadi Rum desert

Um Fruth rock bridge

The Um Fruth rock bridge is about 15 meters up from the desert floor. Climbing the rock bridge is steep but not hard. You can climb up within 5 minutes, especially if you follow the directions of your guide. From the top of the rock bridge, you have a spectacular view of the surrounding area. It is one of the most photographed places in Wadi Rum. And one of our favorites too. We prefer to take pictures here in the late afternoon. But in the morning it is fine also.

Um Fruth rock bridge in Wadi Rum desert

Anfishiyyeh inscriptions

Anfishiyyeh is a big rock wall. It contains some of the best Thamudic and Nabatean inscriptions. And drawings of herds of camels; some suckling their calves, some ridden by hunters, and some strange circle-and-line symbols. Most of the inscriptions were drawn by people travelling in the big camel caravans in previous times. In our blog, ‘The petroglyphs and inscriptions of Wadi Rum‘, you can get an insight into the history and meaning of the inscriptions in Wadi Rum. It is hard to visit this place without making a picture. The best time to visit is in the afternoon when the sun illuminates the wall. In the late afternoon, the coloring of the wall is most beautiful.

Anfishiyyeh inscriptions on the rock wall in Wadi Rum desert

Will you come and join us on tour to make your five pictures and many more?

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