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Independent travellers: 2015 is the year to visit Jordan!

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Our tourism industry is experiencing the side effects of what happens elsewhere in the region. The uprisings in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. The civil war in Syria. And the rising of IS in Syria and Iraq. The most significant effect is the declining number of travelers that visit our beautiful country. One of the main reasons for this decline may well be the fact that travelers used to go on multiple-country holidays. The combination of Syria, Jordan, Israel, and Egypt used to be very popular. These trips are no longer possible, which leaves all people involved in tourism with enormous challenges. But at the same time, it also gives opportunities.

Safe havens in the Middle East

In the Middle East, countries like Oman, United Arab Emirates, and Jordan still attract a lot of travelers every year. All three states are safe, beautiful, and have a lot to offer to travelers. Whether you are interested in culture, nature of adventure, all countries can provide you with enough to keep you busy for 1 to 3 weeks. Of course, we think Jordan should be your country of choice for your 2015 holiday.

The declining number of travelers gives you unusual advantages. Like, more choice and better rates in hotels, restaurants and car hire. But also less crowded tourist hotspots. We give you our top seven gems in Jordan.

Jordan’s top 7 gems

#1 Wadi Rum desert - nature, adventure, and culture

Of course, in our opinion, Wadi Rum is the biggest gem in Jordan. And it should your number one reason to visit Jordan. Our beautiful, colorful desert with impressive mountain ranges and dotted with tracks of ancient occupation. It has so much to offer for everyone: stunningly beautiful nature and a lot of outdoor options for adventure seekers, Bedouin culture, and its rich and long history.

#2 Petra - culture and nature

Imagine walking through to the siq at dawn to be in time to see the sun start to illuminate Treasury is an impressive experience. Spending the rest of the day visiting the amphitheater, temples, high places, and the Monastery. And ending as the sun sets over the pink city while watching the Royal Tombs. Petra is one of a kind. The kind you don’t want to miss.

#3 Dead Sea - nature

Floating in the salty water is an extraordinary aquatic experience. And it put you on the lowest point on earth at the same time. Enjoy the luxury of the spa resorts by adding a massage or therapeutic treatment to your program. Don’t forget to go to the Dead Sea Panoramic to learn more about this special place and to enjoy the beautiful views.

#4 Jerash - culture

In Roman times Jerash was known as Gerasa. These days it is also known as ‘Pompeii of Asia’. And with a good reason. The ruins are one of the best of a Roman provincial city in the whole Middle East. Admire the triumphal arches, temples, colonnaded forum, amphitheaters, and Hippodrome.

#5 Amman – culture and city life

Enjoying the Middle East experience is easy in our capital. Western Amman is urban, and the east is more traditional and conservative. Make sure not to miss downtown, the heart of our city. It is chaotic, but the atmosphere is superb. Visit the Citadel and the Roman theatre and enjoy nightlife together with the locals.

#6 Aqaba/Red Sea - nature and beach life

Luxury hotels, many restaurants, and shops; Aqaba has a lot to offer. The most beautiful thing, though, is below the surface. Whether you go snorkeling or diving, you will see many corals and even more kinds of fish and other creatures.

#7 Other beautiful places

We find it too difficult to choose a number 7. There are too many places that can be number 7. Therefore we add a list of sites that are well worth your visit also. Aljoun, Azraq, Dana Reserve, Madaba, Shobak, Umm Qais, Wadi Araba and Wadi Mujib and the eastern desert castles.

So, you know our top 7 of favorite gems. Now it is time to put together your trip plan so that you can come to Jordan and experience our beautiful country, our famous hospitality, and delicious food. And if you want to get inspired for your time in Wadi Rum, check out our tour pages.

On our tour pages, you can find itineraries for your stay in Wadi Rum.

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