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Welcome to Wadi Rum Nomads

fawaz playing el oud for guests during lunchbreak

Come as our guest, leave as our friend!

We feel very privileged and blessed. Being born and raised in one of the world’s most beautiful places. We are Bedouins living a traditional lifestyle in the majestic desert of Wadi Rum, Jordan. We love our life and Wadi Rum. Although the Bedouin life is full of deprivation and simplicity. And it’s a constant challenge to survive in this inhospitable area. It is our aim to share our lifestyle, passion, and love for the Wadi Rum desert with you. Together we create desert memories for life. We are satisfied once we see our passion and love in your eyes!

What can you expect from Wadi Rum Nomads?

Your opinion about Wadi Rum will change forever as we:

  • guide you while exploring our stunning desert
  • show you beautiful places that will take your breathe away
  • share insights on our tribe’s history, lifestyle, and culture
  • share beautiful moments around the fire at night
  • watch the marvelous starry night sky together
  • occasionally play our famous Bedouin music

And maybe most impressive of all. You will experience the magic of the silence and peace of the desert night.

How do we ensure your experience?

Based on our experience, we created a variety of tours: jeep tours, hiking & scrambling tours, trekkings, camel rides. And of course, we sleep under the stars. It’s possible to combine trips. All tours are well balanced and give you the best experience possible. In case our guests have particular interests, we provide them with tailor-made programs.

Wadi Rum Nomads team

Wadi Rum Nomads is a family business run by me, Fawaz. My brothers also work for Wadi Rum Nomads. We are young Bedouins who love our homeland, Wadi Rum desert. We belong to the Zalabieh tribe and live in Rum village on the edge of the desert. In our hearts, we still are nomads. Whenever we feel restless, we put our stuff in our jeep. Leave home and drive into the desert.

The Wadi Rum Nomads experience

Wadi Rum desert is a year-round destination. Each season has its own charms. We plan to write blogs about the different seasons for you. No matter the season, we can guide you to all major sites within the protected area. In future blogs, we will share more information about tours and places with you.

If you come to Wadi Rum desert and stay with Wadi Rum Nomads, I will personally welcome you. And one of us or one of our great freelancers will guide you. Do you want to know how previous guests’ experienced their time with us? Surf to our review page on TripAdvisor to check them out.

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