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The Kingdom of Jordan; a unique honeymoon destination

romantic sunset in wadi rum

If you are looking for a romantic, authentic, and adventurous honeymoon destination, I guess Jordan is not on your shortlist. On the other hand, if you know our country, it definitely would be in your top 3. As our beautiful country offers you a perfect total package. Good weather, charming hotels, and spa treatments. A rich cultural heritage, beautiful nature above and below the surface, and the most beautiful and romantic desert you can imagine. In this blog, we give you an example of what our country has to offer you for your perfect honeymoon. Please keep in mind the options are endless. Endless in locations, activities, and duration. We are more than happy to advise you to create your perfect honeymoon!

Amman: urban, traditional and bustling

Start your honeymoon in our charming capital, Amman. Enjoy urban west Amman with its many excellent restaurants, bars, cafes, malls, and art galleries. Go to east Amman to get the more traditional and conservative vibes. And visit downtown, the beating heart of our capital with its ancient ruins that are surrounded by coffee shops, souks, and mosques.
When you go on a day tour to the north, be ready for the big surprise.

The north of our country is everything except a sandpit. Get astonished by the lush green hills filled with olive and fig trees. And wander around the epic Roman ruins of Jerash.

The Dead Sea: luxury at the lowest point on earth

Leave our capital for a spectacular descend to 420 meters below sea level. Welcome to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth. Check-in at one of the luxuries resorts on the shoreline. Leave everything behind, and enjoy the moment. Float in the therapeutic water, pamper yourself with beauty treatments, and enjoy the delicious dishes of the Jordanian cuisine.

Visiting Madaba, the city of the world-famous mosaics and Mount Nebo to view the Holy Land as Moses did, makes an excellent day tour.

Petra: one of the seven world wonders

Shielded from the outside world behind an impenetrable barrier of rock, the ancient city of Petra waits for you. Be enchanted by this mysterious city. Walk the epic route through the siq to encounter Petra’s iconic façade, Treasury. Wander past the Theater and the Royal Tombs to the city center inside the hidden valley. Visit the high places for a bird-eye view and enjoy the sunset over the Monastery.

After cultural Petra, the peaceful and quiet Dana Reserve is a welcome alternation. Visit the intriguing, partly deserted village Dana and walk a trail on the 1700 meter high green slopes to relish the beautiful nature.

Wadi Rum: Ultimate romance under the starry night sky

Leave life as you know it for the ultimate romantic getaway. Come and join us on a 2-day and 2-night romantic adventure. Admire ancient drawings, walk through beautiful canyons, and climb to high places to enjoy the stunning views. Watch the sunset in the most unique, romantic, private areas of the desert. Enjoy our freshly prepared Bedouin meals. Sit around the fire at night, enjoy Bedouin music and watch the stars before you sleep in our comfy camp or our ‘cave’.

Aqaba: world-class coral gardens

End your honeymoon in Aqaba, where you can stay in one of the beautiful 5* hotels. Enjoy the year-round sunshine and warmth in this relaxing small-town or on South Beach. Go diving or snorkeling in the always clear sea to be amazed by the world-class coral gardens. Wander around in the souk and have dinner in one of the excellent restaurants in town.

No matter which places you want to add to your honeymoon. Everywhere you go, you will encounter our always welcoming, helpful, friendly people. Ahlan wa Sahlan!

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