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Get enchanted by celebrating New Year’s Eve in Wadi Rum Jordan

new year's even sunset in wadi rum

If you love to travel and want to have a stunning one-of-a-kind New Year’s Eve, then Wadi Rum desert is the place to be. Every year millions of people are looking for a place to celebrate their New Year’s Eve. Most people spend their New Year’s Eve with family and friends, either at one’s family home or in a holiday home. Others book overnight stays in hotels. Mostly in their home country. Some favor a go abroad to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Destinations like New York, London, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Hong Kong, Berlin, Las Vegas, Vienna, and Bangkok are the most popular. All these cities have excellent locations where people can gather for eating, drinking, and dancing. And, of course, they have stunning fireworks ready to mark the New Year. These places tend to be very crowded.

Are you looking for a different, more enchanting way to celebrate New Year’s Eve? Something unique, spectacular, and blissful? Then keep reading. This blog about celebrating New Year’s Eve in Wadi Rum is for you!

New Year's Eve in Wadi Rum, a 24-hours experience to remember

What better way to close the year and start the new year than with an experience like no other? We offer a unique, spectacular,
and blissful 24-hours New Year’s Eve experience in the Wadi Rum desert. We start by exploring our extraordinary beautiful desert to discover its mind-blowing natural beauty and peace-giving power. Without a doubt, that is a fabulous way to spend your last day of the year. After the sunset, we drive to our camp to have dinner, Celebrate New Year’s Eve, Wadi Rum Nomads’ style. We party with live Bedouin music and international songs under the billions of stars in our traditional Bedouin camp, Wadi Rum Base Camp. And around midnight, we close off with a surprise.

After a short but good night’s sleep, you can either depart or start your new year off by exploring more of our striking desert. You can choose to do a 1- or 2-hour camel ride or continue on another full-day tour. No matter what you choose, for sure, when you leave, you will go, having created desert memories for life!

A magical day out in the desert

On the 31st of December, we will organize two different full-day tours. Both tours start from our office in Wadi Rum village. You can go on a jeep tour to explore the famous sites of Wadi Rum desert you read about in books and articles. And, alternatively, you can join us on a desert tour that takes you to the lesser-known and more quiet outer area in the southeast of the protected area. Both trips allow you to spend a fantastic day out in the desert.

We tour around the desert in small groups of a maximum of six guests and a Bedouin guide. A private tour is available for groups of six or more persons.

During the day, we explore sites to see the variety of Wadi Rum desert and do different and exciting activities. Amongst others, you admire ancient drawings and writing, walk through stunningly beautiful canyons, and climb/scramble up to sand dunes. And we go to other high places to enjoy the breathtaking views over the magnificent red and yellow desert.

Midday, we take a break to enjoy a freshly prepared, warm Bedouin lunch at a quiet and picturesque place somewhere in the desert. With our stomachs filled and new energy, we continue exploring more of Wadi Rum’s most beautiful and mesmerizing places in the afternoon.

Last sunset of the year

By the end of the afternoon, all our groups meet up at a lovely and tranquil place in Um Sabatah in the south of the Wadi Rum protected area. Here we will enjoy the last sunset of the year together. While you find yourself your perfect spot to see the sun go down for the last time this year, we prepare Bedouin tea. Whether you are together with your loved ones, alone, or together with other guests and us, sipping from your warm cup of sweet Bedouin tea and seeing the colors change while the sun disappears behind the horizon is magical. The deafening silence and ultimate peace invite you to reflex on the year that has passed and dream about what the New Year has in store for you.

Celebrate New Year's Eve in Wadi Rum Nomads' style

Once in our traditional Bedouin camp, we have time to sit around the fire pit in our communal tent. Time to sip more sweet Bedouin tea! And chat with other guests and guides about the adventures of the day. Soon after, a freshly prepared, festive Bedouin dinner will be ready. We serve a range of yummy Bedouin dishes that fit meat-eaters, vegetarians, and also vegans. Time to fill your stomachs with healthy, tasty food.

Afterward, it is time to party and celebrate New Year’s Eve Bedouin style. There will be live Bedouin music, and for sure, we will dance together to celebrate this special evening. If you want, you also can go outside to watch our incredible starry night sky. And if the weather allows, we move the whole party outdoors! Who does not want to dance to Bedouin music and international hit songs in the middle of Wadi Rum desert surrounded by iconic mountains and under a billion stars?

Around midnight, we have a special surprise for you. One you will remember! Whenever you feel like sleeping, you can go to your tent and have a comfortable sleep tucked away under the big warm blankets and dream about the new year which lays ahead of you.

Will you join us for New Year’s Eve in Wadi Rum?

New Year’s Eve in Wadi Rum is blissful and gives you desert memories for life. So, if you are planning a last-minute break or vacation, Wadi Rum desert is the place to go for the holidays! We want to invite you to come and celebrate New Year’s Eve with us. Please fill out our booking form if you want to join us.

If you plan a holiday over Christmas, you can read your blog ‘The ultimate Christmas vacation in Jordan‘ for more exciting travel tips. Of course, we are available to answer any questions that you might have. Just fill out our contact form, and we will get back to you.

See you in Wadi Rum!

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