Beautiful Wadi Rum desert
The last sunset before New Year's Eve in Wadi Rum desert

3 things to know about New Year’s Eve in Wadi Rum

3 things to know about New Year’s Eve in Wadi Rum

If you are an adventures person and want something magical for New Year’s Eve, then Wadi Rum is the place to be. Every year millions of people are looking for a place away from home to celebrating their New Year’s Eve. Most spend their holiday with family and friends. Either at one families home or in a holiday home. Others book overnight stays in hotels. A lot of people remain in their home country. But others favour a stay abroad to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Globally destinations like New York, London, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Hong Kong, Berlin, Las Vegas, Vienna and Bangkok are the most popular place to go. All these cities have excellent locations where people can gather for eating, drinking and dancing. And of course, they have stunning fireworks ready to mark the New Year. These places tend to be very crowded. And some people get overwhelmed by so many incentives. If you are looking for something different, spectacular and unique? Then this blog is for you!

New Year’s Eve in Wadi Rum desert is different

For anyone who wants to avoid big party gatherings with people eating, drinking and dancing Wadi Rum desert is an excellent destination. With us, you can experience New Year’s Eve Bedouin style. Tour the desert in the daytime and stay overnight in our camp, Wadi Rum Base Camp. We prefer small groups of like-minded people. In case you prefer a private tour for you and your loved ones, this is possible too (always upon request). One thing we know for sure, it is definitely something completely different compared to the big cities and maybe every celebration you had before.

New Year’s Eve in Wadi Rum desert is spectacular

Make sure you arrive in the morning and join us on a desert tour. We will go out into the desert by jeep to visit some of the most famous places in the desert. You can admire ancient drawing, walk through stunningly beautiful canyons and climb/scramble up to high places to enjoy the breath-taking views. Around lunchtime, we drive to a nice and quiet place where we will prepare you a fresh Bedouin lunch. In the afternoon we continue our tour and visit some more spectacular sites.

New Year’s Eve in Wadi Rum desert is special

In the late afternoon, we go to a tranquil place where you can enjoy the last sunset of the year. An excellent moment for you to reflex on the year that has passed and dream about what the New Year will have in store for you. Maybe you want to leave old habits and start with new traditions. After sunset, we go to our camp. Time to relax, sip sweet Bedouin tea and enjoy the freshly prepared Bedouin dinner. After dinner, you can spend time relaxing in our warm sitting area. There will be live Bedouin music, and for sure we will dance together to celebrate this special evening. If you want, you also can go outside to watch our incredible starry night sky. Around midnight we have a special surprise for you. One you will remember. Whenever you feel like sleeping, you can go to your tent and have a comfortable sleep under the big warm blankets and dream about the new year ahead of you.
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Will you join us for New Year’s Eve?

Are you planning a last minute vacation? Wadi Rum desert is the place to go for the holidays. We want to invite you to come and celebrate New Year’s Eve with us. Do you want to come? Or do you have questions? Please contact us by mail.

See you in Wadi Rum desert,

Team Wadi Rum Nomads

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