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Last minute travel options for Wadi Rum

last minute travel option explore wadi rum

The market for independent traveling is growing. As more and more people seek more freedom and choice as it comes to how to spend their holiday. Part of the independent travelers arranges most of their holiday upfront. They enjoy reading and planning their holiday. Other travelers to buy a ticket, go and make plans along the way. If you are wondering what the last minute travel options for Wadi Rum are, this blog is for you!

Three last minute travel options for Wadi Rum

Whether you book a few days/weeks ahead or on-site, for many destinations around the world, the tours that you can choose from are quite the same. For Wadi Rum, there are three last minute travel options for booking a trip and/or overnight stay.

  1. Before coming in Wadi Rum, you can book a tour online.
  2. Upon arrival in the Wadi Rum visitor center, you can arrange your visit via them.
  3. Once you arrive at the Rest House in Rum village, you can arrange something there.

#1 Book ahead one or more days in advance

When you are not in Wadi Rum yet, your options are completely open. Everything is up to you. Online you can find websites from many companies in both Rum village and Disi. The sites give you quite a bit of information about the company, their tours, and their options for overnight stay(s). TripAdvisor can be a great help too. Many companies registered on their platform, and you can read reviews from their customers. TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet have great fora where you can ask questions or advise. Having a place to get recommendations from other travelers and business professionals can come in handy. Based on all the information that you got, you can make your choice and book with the best fit company for you.

#2 Arrange your tour at the visitor center

If you arrive in Wadi Rum without a reservation, you have the option to book a trip via the government-run visitor center. Here you can book a tour with a duration from 1 to 8 hours. You can also book your overnight stay here. And you can choose whether you want to book with a company from Rum village of Disi. All companies, guides, and drivers from both Rum village and Disi can register with the visitor center. Of course, only those who have availability for the day and want to work with the visitor center will register. Once you made your choice, the employee calls one of the registered companies to come and pick you up.

#3 Arrange your tour near the Rest House

If you prefer to make your choice on-site, you can continue from the visitor center to Rum village, which is around 8 kilometers down the road from the visitor center. Once you arrive at the Rest House, local guys who are looking for business will approach you. They offer a variety of tours. And all of them have family members who run a camp. You can talk with them to see what you like best and make your choice on the spot.

Do you want to make a last-minute booking with us?

If you want to join us, your best bet is to make a reservation upfront. You can choose on one of our regular tours, like the 1-day Wadi Rum jeep tour, the 2-day Wadi Rum desert tour Jabal Al-Hash, and 3-day Wadi Rum desert tour. Or if you have specific wishes or questions, you can contact us via email for a tailored trip plan.

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