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10 tips to pack right for your trip to Wadi Rum desert

desert view shortly before the sunset

Whether you are packing for a business trip or vacation, it pays to keep things simple. And when you are going to an inhospitable place like Wadi Rum desert, that is no other. But what do you need in the desert?

Well, Wadi Rum desert has a ‘hot arid’ desert climate, which means high temperatures and minimal rainfall. So, no need to bring rain clothing. In our blog, An interesting insight into Wadi Rum climate and seasons, you can find more information on our climate. It can be a good read when you are not sure about the what the weather will be like when you visit Wadi Rum.

In this blog, we give you 10 tips to pack right for your trip. We tell you about the extra’s you need to pack to make your stay in the desert a pleasant and unforgettable one.

Make sure these items are part of your packing list

  • Hat or headscarf
    A hat or headscarf will protect you from the harsh sun. It will also protect you from wind and sand. And it can keep you warm during chilly nights. A baseball cap is less suitable because it will leave your neck exposed to the sun. In our blog about Bedouin wear, you can read about our headscarf, our traditional male headwear. If you want, we can buy you a scarf, and we will teach you how tight it Bedouin style.
  • Proper clothing
    It is best to protect as much of your skin as possible from the harsh sun and the blowing sand. The best way to do that is by wearing loose, long-sleeved clothes. Clothes that are light-weight and light-colored are most suited. Skirts and dresses are impractical if you want to go camel riding. And since we also do things like scrambling, it might be better to save them for another day. Bring layers of clothes so you can adapt your clothes to the heat of the day and the cold of the night works great. By covering your shoulders, arms, and legs, you also respect our custom of dressing modestly.
  • Sunglasses
    Preventing your eyes from getting damaged by ultraviolet radiation is very important in the desert. The sun is harsh and almost always there. Sunglasses that are close to your face can also give some protection from blowing sand.
  • Sunscreen/sunblock
    The parts of your skin that are exposed to the sun need to be protected. Bring sunscreen or, if you get sunburn quickly, sunblock.
  • Lip and facial salve
    The desert air is arid. Bring salve to moisturize your skin and lips and prevent dehydration of your skin.
  • Footwear
    The most comfortable and suitable footwear in the desert are walking shoes, sneakers, and trainers. Sandals and flip flops come in handy during the evening and night. During the day, they are not fit, as the hot sand can burn your feet. In case you go hiking and scrambling, add hiking shoes and walking socks to your packing list too.
  • Backpack
    Bring a backpack to carry your daily essentials during the tour.
  • Camera, batteries and memory cards
    Wadi Rum desert is stunningly beautiful. You will likely make many more pictures than you anticipated. Bring enough memory cards and charged batteries for your camera. If you plan to take photos with your smartphone, consider taking an extra charged battery pack for your phone too.
  • Torch/flashlight
    In case you stay overnight in the desert, a torch or flashlight comes in very handy on moonless nights. Of course, these days, all smartphones have a light too. But do you want to use your battery for this? Or do you want to use it to capture the beauty of Wadi Rum?
  • Towel
    Whether you sleep in a camp or outdoors, having a towel with you always comes in hand. In the camp, there is an option to take a refreshing shower. When sleeping outdoors, you can refresh yourself with a bottle of water.

Preparation is vital when you want to maximize on an extraordinary adventure as exploring Wadi Rum desert. With the tips that we shared before, you should be all set. So, next is choosing and booking your tour. And then the only thing left to do is creating desert memories for life!

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