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24 hours in Wadi Rum desert

scrambling during a 24 hours tour in wadi rum

What would you do if you had 24 hours to visit Wadi Rum? Not sure yet? We can understand that. There is so much to see and do that you can easily spend days here. It can be a challenge to decide what will give you the best experience possible. In this blog, we share our idea on how to provide you with ‘desert memories for life’. And we give you a suggestion for a viable plan for your day and night in Wadi Rum.

Desert memories for life

We believe that creating your ‘desert memories for life’ stats from the moment that you get in touch with us. We are happy to help you by answering questions, sharing our ideas and recommendations so that you can choose the best tour for you. Afterward, we help you to prepare yourself for your stay in the desert. Proper preparation makes it possible to have a better experience. Once with us, your only ‘concern’ is to enjoy. We take care of the rest. Let the desert mesmerize you and indulge yourself in the Bedouin culture.

Our suggestion for 24 hours in Wadi Rum

This trip plan is a fit for active travelers who are not afraid of height or unsure on their feet. We meet each other in our office in Rum village. We get to know each other, do the check-in, and make the final preparations. Then your 24 hours desert adventure starts.

We begin with a fantastic drive through the desert. You sit in the open back of the car so that you can take in the landscape while your guide heads to Jabal Burdah. We leave the car and spend the rest of the morning at Jabal Burdah. We hike and scramble up to Burdah rock bridge. There are a couple of different routes that lead up to the bridge. No matter which one you do, the ‘Bedouin roads’ all offer a lot of variety and fantastic views over Wadi Rum. The way up takes about 1,5 hours. Of course, there is time to take short breaks to rest and appreciate the surroundings. There are a few challenging parts where your guide will give you directions on how to scramble.  And for some parts, you might want to use your hands to feel more secure and balanced. Close to the bridge is the most challenging stretch. For safety reasons, we often use a rope there. Reaching the bridge and standing on it, gives a feeling of excitement and accomplishment. You are there! Take time to imprint this moment in your memory. And lavish yourself on the unbeatable views. Then it is time to descent and return to the jeep.

Your guide drives you to a beautiful and quiet place. Here you will have your lunch break. While you relax, your guide prepares a fresh lunch for you on the spot.

As Wadi Rum is a vast desert (720 square kilometers), we go on a jeep tour in the afternoon. Using the car allows us to cover more distance. We visit a few different places to show you the variety of our desert. No worries, it is not an afternoon in the car. At each site that we visit, you can do activities. There are plenty of opportunities to walk, climb, and scramble. Our last stop is Um Sabatah, were we see the sunset. A feast of changing colors!

Time to head to our camp to settle in the for the night. Our cook prepared you a traditional Bedouin dinner. After dinner, we have no set program. You can chat with other guests and the guide(s), or you can watch the starry night sky. And when you want to go and sleep, a prepared tent ready for you.

The next morning, you have breakfast in our camp, and afterward, we return to our office in Rum village.

Did you get inspired by our 24 hours plan? Then take a look at this 2-days and 2 nights Wadi Rum desert tour Burdah rock bridge. If you prefer to see more sites, you can check out our 1-day Wadi Rum jeep tour and multiple day tours. No matter which tour you choose, we can assure you that we do our utmost to provide you with desert memories for life!

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