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5 benefits of hiring a tour guide in Wadi Rum desert

tour guide explaining about a site to guests

Sometimes we wonder why people don’t book a tour when they visit Wadi Rum. Wadi Rum desert is a stunningly beautiful area. And there is so much to see and do that you easily spend a couple of days here. The only thing is, you cannot do this by yourself. Most sites are far apart, and it is not easy to find your way when you don’t know the area. Why settle for visiting only the edges of the desert by yourself when you can see so much more during a tour? We give you five benefits of hiring a tour guide that will make up for every reason to not book a trip.

#1 The 4WD car

Booking a tour means having a 4WD car. With a 4WD, you can cover a far bigger area than without a vehicle. In Wadi Rum, this is a huge advantage as the protected area is vast, and the sites far apart. If you have only one or two days to visit the desert, the 4WD car enables you to see all major sites and do some hiking and scrambling in the outer areas.

#2 A Bedouin driver

Having a Bedouin driver has two significant benefits. Firstly, we are born and raised here. We know the desert inside out. So, no chance you will get lost in this harsh and inhospitable place. Secondly, you can enjoy the majestic landscape while we drive. Admire the beautiful red and yellow mountains with their different shapes and curves. Look at the scattered red and yellow dunes. And notice the plants and animals that call this desert their home.

#3 A source of information

Wadi Rum desert is a unique place on earth. A place with stunningly beautiful nature, a rich cultural heritage, and exciting inhabitants. Our driver is also your guide. He takes you around and tells you about the sites, the history, and the culture. And, of course, you can ask him questions about things that have your interest.
All in all, having a guide adds value and enhances your overall experience in many ways.

#4 Bedouin food and drinks

When on tour, we provide all food and beverages. You don’t have to think about how much water and which food you bring along. We take care of everything. We serve freshly prepared Bedouin meals, and if our guests are vegetarians or have allergies, we, if needed and possible, adjust the meals. Of course, we are in touch about dietary requirements before your arrival so that we can prepare accordingly.

#5 Your overnight stay

The unique experience you can have in Wadi Rum is sleeping under the stars. We serve you tea and dinner. Afterward, you can watch the stars and the Milky Way. And for sleeping, we have comfortable tents ready in our camp or sleeping equipment when you decide to sleep in our ‘cave’.

Welcome to Wadi Rum desert

On our website, you can find a lot of information about our desert. Besides our tour plans and information about the options to sleep, we amongst others have a page with a list of the most famous sites with descriptions, photo galleries, and, of course, our blog with over 60 posts. These blogs have different subjects like desert sites, flora & fauna, food & drinks, climates & seasons, and Bedouin culture. So, if you are looking for specific information, you probably can find it on our website. If not, you can contact us by email.

Do you want to create desert memories for life? Sign up for one of our tours and we will see you in Wadi Rum.

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